For those interested in the Richmond BC Kigoos Summer Swim Club

Kigooos Award Winners

The Bill McNulty Award was founded in 1999 and since 2012 has been given to a male and female swimmer who excel at the following  criteria.

  • Volunteerism
  • Positive attitude
  • Role modeling
  • Perseverance
  • Team spirit
  • Participation
  • Good sportsmanship
  • Swimming performance
2013 –   Maya Fograscher and Jacob Lee
2012 –    Cassandra Goh and Michael Ge

The Gerry Soika Award was founded by the Soika family in memory of their son Gerry, a Kigoo swimmer.

The criteria includes:

  • Full-time swimmer
  • Club member for at least 5 years
  • Demonstrates outstanding sportsmanship
  • Demonstrates congenial attitude towards a team goal
  • Works hard for the betterment of a relay team
  • Works with unselfish attitude to inspire younger swimmers
  • Has the realization that personal gain does not always reflect glory
2013 –   Alexis Silvera
2012 –   Mila Lepsoe
The Most Improved Swimmer Awards –  This award is given to the swimmer in each category who has taken off the most time from the Ice Breaker Meet to Regional Meet.
Junior Development
2013 –  Beatrix Lepsoe and Zachary Kennedy
2012 –  Sara Rosa Blais and Asher Roberts
2013 – Olivia Cowell and Jordan Lee
2012 – Mika Imada and Nicholas Kennedy
2013 – Mika Imada and Jeff Li
2012 – Seraphina Tsui and Charlie Nistor
2013 – Maria Tocheri and Phillip Do
2012 –  Logan Morris and Jevon Lai
Most Outstanding Swimmer –  This award is given to the swimmer from each category who has earned the most points for the club between the Ice Breaker Meet and the Regional Meet.
Junior Development
2013 –  Jocelyn Renfro and Zachary Kennedy
2012 –  Cadence Garrison and Zachary Kennedy
2013 -Darlene Prijatelj and Nicholas Kennedy
2012 – Ella Crawford and Vincent Lee
2013 – Elizabeth Kennedy and Vincent Lee
2012 – Dakota Chang and Alex Ball
2013 – Elizabeth Suen and Alex Ball
2012 –  Jeanelle Mae Aldaba and Brandon Lam