For those interested in the Richmond BC Kigoos Summer Swim Club

Code of Conduct

Richmond Kigoos Code of Conduct

The Richmond Kigoos Swim Club is committed to the highest ideals of sports.

Richmond Kigoos Swimmers and their families will:


  • Practice Good Sportsmanship
  • Act in ways that bring respect to our swimmers, our coaches and our club
  • Use appropriate language including not swearing and insulting others
  • Act responsibly including not fighting with other athletes, coaches, volunteers or staff
  • Not consume alcohol at any member events that have athletes present
  • Be respectful of decisions of coaches

Training and Competition

  • Swimmers will train regularly
  • Learn and follow the rules of swimming
  • Swimmers will always try to be their best during training and competition

Responsibility for my Actions

  • Listen to the coaches and officials and ask questions when we do not understand
  • Will be responsible for our actions at the pool and away from the pool that have an effect on other swimmers and / or the club

Concerns related to conduct are rare, but if concerns arise we have a clear process of steps to follow:

1)       Raise the concern with the group coach

2)       Raise the concern with the head coach

3)       Raise the concern with the club president

Any serious issues are dealt with by the club discipline committee (head coach, club president, club vice-president)


This code is intended to provide guidance to our swimmers and our families, but is not intended or should not be construed as an express or implicit contract.  The Richmond Kigoos Swim Club reserves the right to suspend the participation of any athlete, including but not limited to a violation of this code.



Updated – February 2015