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Coach Danna with Some Club Updates

May 26th, 2014 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner

It’s been a crazy first couple of weeks, but it seems like we are settling down into our groups. I love seeing such a good turnout (how could there not be with our sunny days?), especially in the JD and Intermediate A groups. I encourage everyone to come out to morning practices as well – I know many of your are busy and have to get to school, but it’s a great time to work on technique and get some more feedback from your coach.

We are two weeks away from the first meet of our season, the Icebreaker! Make sure you’re finishing your lengths properly, working your turns, and going your hardest when your coaches ask you to go fast.

The June schedule is in effect starting next Monday. You’ll notice that you’ll have some extra dryland training incorporated (yoga with Makki and strength training with True Conditioning). I know it’s even more of a time commitment, but we are really lucky to be working with these two, and you’ll see even more improvement of your swimming if you make it out.

A couple of reminders:

  • Don’t forget your waterbottles and sunscreen! It’s super easy to forget how dehydrated or burnt you can get when swimming, so make sure you protect yourself from the sun and stay hydrated!
  • The coaches and I would like to see swimmers in running shoes and proper dryland attire for warm-up, to prevent injury and to have the proper range of motion.
  • Remember to sign-up for the Mock Meet and the Icebreaker – start your season off right!


See you on deck,


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