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Coach Andre Reflects on the Spike

June 29th, 2014 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner

Port Moody Golden Spike Meet

Hey all! The Golden Spike meet was a huge success as a small group of Kigoos made the drive to “sunny” Port Moody. It was the first meet with a finals session this year and we had some tough swimmers maintaining an incredible intensity through out the weekend.
Even though all the swimmers had been training hard through out the week prior, best times were achieved by many!
As promised, I will select a few highlights from each day to give a shout-out to (for intermediates and seniors).
Swims of the day: 
Rachel P 100 Fly Final. 1:20.92 (35.6 50 split)
What. A. Swim. This girl took it out like a pro. From the moment the race started you could tell this was going to be Rachel’s race. She was in pain at the end, but she was tough enough to hold on for the win. Going out in season-best time for the 50 fly, Rachel maintained technique through 100m of gruelling butterfly. With this time, she would have been very close to winning the Div 5 Girls 100 fly as well…. Good job Rach!
Frankie L. 200 IM Final. 2:40.50
Frankie was super tough this weekend. He has been pretty committed to academics thus far and has had minimal training time. But his positive attitude is not going unnoticed as he is determined to be fit for regionals. Using Golden Spike as a “training meet”, Frankie swam consistently well through the meet (his coach picked the toughest 6 possible events he could register Frankie for) with the highlight being his 200 IM. This race showed me that Frankie is a racer, and even when his fitness is not at 100% he is going to give it his all when he is in the pool.
Vincent L: 50 Fly Final. 32.42
Vincent  is an upcoming star in the BCSSA swim circuit. I could not be happier with this swim. Technically sound, and aggressive off his start (the only technical change from his morning swim), this young man turned some heads with his 50 fly.Going this time after a lactic acid builder of a set on Friday evening is even more impressive as he held 33s and 34s for 6×50 on 4 minutes that night. Way to go Vincent!!!
Dakota C: 50 Fly Final. 32.99
Dakota had a busy day. She entered herself in 50 fly and 100 free (the first and last events of the program) with the hopes she could go to a field hockey practice in between her swims. Coming straight to the pool from a good “dryland” session, Dakota just missed swimming her 100 free. Fortunately enough, she was mentally prepared to rip through the pool and break 33 for the first time in 50 fly. Loved this swim. If any young swimmer is looking for tips on underwater dolphin kicks, ask Dakota. She led by a good body length after her initial breakout, and off the turn she remained tough and composed. With still lots of improvement to be made in this swim, she showed real class as an athlete in taking the win.
So there ya go Kigoos. These picks are NOT based on just time or because they were victories; but because of the overall performance of the swimmer based on their capabilities. Some days you aren’t going to feel 100% but you still have to do the best with what you got. Nonetheless, I will say 100% of the swimmers who attended the meet did the club proud in swimming tough, these are merely the high lights.
ALL SENIOR SWIMMERS MUST ATTEND CANADA DAY PARADE IN STEVESTON. PLEASE TOUCH BASE WITH ANDRE, AVA or DANNA. Please come and help represent Kigoos to the community, it will only take 1-2 hours out of your holiday.


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