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Coach Leo and the Week Ahead for Intermediate B’s

June 30th, 2014 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner

Hi Intermediate B’s,

I hope everyone had a restful weekend as most of you took a week off from swim meets. Did you take some time re-reading my previous blogs (especially those in May) and reflect on the skills we have practiced?

Let’s quickly review what we have worked on for the past two weeks. Firstly, I emphasized the importance of the W.U.B (Walls, Underwater Kick, Breakout). Secondly, we must practice this consistently. This directly correlates to how well you can hold your technique when under stress and fatigue and is the key challenge all athletes face and must overcome. Let me reiterate this again. Everyone will feel tired near the end of the race, but those who remember to hold their technique together will swim faster than those who do not. 

This week will be Fine Tune Week. We will continue to apply the W.U.B into all of our strokes to ensure consistency in an often overlooked portion in races. I will be showing videos regarding the W.U.B, Dives, and Turns to help everyone better visualize their body position to ensure EFFICIENCY (Key word for this week) in our strokes. Furthermore, we will increase our Turnover in our strokes, Speed in our turns and refine the quality of our Underwater kicks such that we can be fully ready for the HUGE meet this weekend in UBC! – Coach Leo 

• Attend Canada Parade Tomorrow at 9:30am! I’ll have an awesome time walking with you beside our awesome Kigoos Float and it’ll be a great time for you to show off your Kigoos Spirit! I really hope you will be there! 
• Surrey Meet Sign-Up deadline TODAY (June 30)
• Everyone must attend as many practices as possible! Only 8 Swimmers out of our group of 25 have been attending over 50% of practices in June (We had 26 practices this month), and of those 8, only Seraphina, Aisha, and Olivia attended over 80% of practices. Just remember this… the more you come to practice, the quicker you can improve.

• The Swimmer of the Week last week is Aisha H! She came to all practices. Congratulations! 

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