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Coach Danna – Video Blog #2

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JD Update from Coach Sabrina

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Hello  JDs!!

Another FANTASTIC week has gone by!

Keep up the hard work! We’ve got an exciting week lined up ahead of us!

We will be working on lot’s of DIVES, TURNS and Breaststroke this week!

I’m looking forward to seeing you all at the White Rock JD Meet this Wednesday!

Also, get pumped up for the club Movie night this Thursday to watch How To Train Your Dragon 2!!

See you all on deck!




Movie Night and More Water Polo

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Come celebrate the end of the school year with us!
Our Club Movie Night is happening this Thursday, June 26th at 4:00pm (in lieu of practices). We will be seeing How To Train Your Dragon 2 (rated PG). There will be 4 designated parent volunteers and the coaches to help manage and supervise our swimmers. There are only 85 spots that are available for discounted tickets and concession combos, so sign up as soon as you can! The following prices are based on the group rate (20-90 people):


13 & under: $6.00                 

14 & over: $8.25

Concession Combos

Kids (kids size popcorn, kids size drink + peanut-free treat): $5.00

Small (small size popcorn and small drink): $5.50

Regular (regular size popcorn and regular drink): $8.00

You can sign up for the event online HERE, and the sign-up deadline is Monday, June 23 at 1:00pm (including cancellations). Please sign up one swimmer at a time. With any late cancellations past the sign-up deadline, the price of admission and/or any concession orders will still be charged to your family. If you miss the deadline, we can put you on a list to see if another family cancels, or alternatively, you can purchase tickets and combos for the same showing at regular prices. A list of those signed-up is posted HERE.

We ask that if you have signed up for movie night, to bring cash for your movie tickets and combos to practice between MondayWednesday

Last but not least, Coach Andre will be hosting a second Water Polo skills night at the pool after the movie. Details will soon follow.

Kigoos Updates for June 19th

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Here are the news items for today:
1)  MOVIE NIGHT – final details are being worked out today.  Just  reminder that our Club Movie Night is next Thursday, June 26th.  We are going to see How to Train Your Dragon 2.  We will likely go to a late afternoon (4 pm) showing  but all of this will be out shortly.
2)  UPDATED JULY PRACTICE SCHEDULE – there were a couple of very minor updates made yesterday.  If you already reviewed the schedule, please take another look HERE.
3) CHECKING YOUR TIMES – Swimmers can look up their times from races throughout the season.  The results are usually updated within a week of a meet.  To learn how to do this, see the instructions HERE.
4) HEAD COACH VIDEO BLOG – If you haven’t checked out the front page of the website lately be sure to go there to watch Danna’s video blog.  It is directly linked HERE.
Be sure to double check your races for this weekend at the pool.

How do I Use Hy-Tek Team Stats Online? (BCSSA Hy-Tek Results)

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The BCSSA (BC Summer Swimming Association) offers access to Hy-Tek’s Team Stats Online. Through this system you can access individual swimmers times for the season as well as provincial and regional rankings. Instructions for using the information you will find using this link are below: BCSSA Hy-Tek Results

For individual swimmer times follow these steps:

  • Click on the ATHLETES box second from left
  • Choose the first letter of the last name.
  • Choose Female or Male check box
  • There may be more than one page of any letter and you may have to use the “Go to page” dropdown at the far right.
  • Click on the blue highlighted “Times” link on the left
  • From the “Course” drop down menu on the left just above all the even boxes choose SCM for Short Course (25) Metres
  • Choose an event and the times for this season will appear
  • You can choose to show 1,2,…5 fastest times for each event, or all times for the season

For Provincial or Regional Rankings

  • Choose RANK box, third from left
  • From “Course” drop down menu choose SCM for Short Course (25) Metres
  • From “Division” drop down menu pick the Division
  • For Provincial Rankings do not choose anything in the “Region” drop down menu. For Regional Rankings choose Simon Fraser Region
  • Choose Female or Male check box
  • Choose the event and a the rankings will appear. You may have to scroll through pages using the “Go to page” drop down menu on the far right.

Check out Coach Danna’s First Ever Video Blog!!!

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Coach Andre with a Message for the Senior A’s

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Its been a great first month and a half to the season. This part of the season is always about working out the kinks in one’s strokes and getting back in shape. It is best not to look at times or numbers yet as we haven’t even swam a meet with finals yet.
Coming into the Ladner Super7 meet, those who have come to every possible training session should find confidence in their fitness. Those who haven’t made every practice should be using this meet as a weekend of “high quality training”.
My favourite coach, Dr. Peter Viszolyi at UVIC, always reminded me that in-season meets remained important because they were a chance for “the highest form of training”. I never truly understood this concept as an athlete as I tended to have an “all or nothing” attitude to racing; but as a coach I am now seeing the importance of doing proper rehearsals of races while under a hard training load. Be composed, swim the race the right way, fitness will come but remain patient and stay committed to the process.
As swimmers, we need to remember we are training for Regionals and Provincials, best times do not need to be attained every weekend (although breakthroughs can come unexpectedly…). If we can improve on the form and strategy of our races we will have done the proper training compared to thrashing through the water in pursuit of “in-season” best times.
That being said, racing is the ultimate form of motivation. Always find motivation in swimming beside competitors, be it at Boundary Bay or at Regionals. After all, that is the most fun you will have in this sport.
Stay tuned, I will be naming the swimmers of the meet begining with Port Moody and through out the rest of the season.
Coach Andre

JD Silver – First meet today!

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Last week

First off, thank you to those who woke up bright and early for morning practices!

This past week we have done lots of long distance sets, 100m freestyle, 100 IM and long kick sets. The endurance skills you are building will improve your breathing patterns.  Keep up the great work JD Silvers I can see that it has already paid off because already our endurance has really picked up!


Reminder: Cash in your Kigoo bucks every Friday afternoon practice


This week

We are going to be practicing lots of dive 25 sprints.

We will be using the IPad this week to switch things up. It will mainly be used to focus on correcting dives, turns, and underwater pullouts. Expect to be doing lots of breastroke corrections this week!


See you at the first JD Meet today!

Kigoos Updates for June 17th

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JULY PRACTICE SCHEDULE – has now been posted HERE online
LADNER RELAYS – Relays this weekend at Ladner are super fun because there are no age or gender boundaries! That means we can have relays with people in different divisions or boy/girl relays. You can also put in an estimate time for your relay and the team who swims closest to their time wins a prize.

I have entered 20 medley relays and 20 freestyle relays. If you’d like to swim a relay with your friends, parents, siblings, etc., please talk to me at the pool or email me your relays (with the names of the relay members, and whether it will be a free or medley relay) and your estimate time by Thursday at 5pm. If you and your team want to do both a medley and a free, give me your first preference, and if there is space left for your team to do a second relay I will let you know.

*note: parents wanting to swim on a relay must be registered with the club already.

Get your relays in soon!

MEET PACKAGES ONLINE – If you want to know what events are on each day or other information about any meet – check out the meet packages.  All meet packages for the remainder of the season are now posted HERE.
JD MEET SIGN-UP – Last call to sign up for the July 2nd JD Meet in Ladner.  HERE is the direct link to sign-up.

Coach Ava’s Message to the Senior B’s

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Hi Sr. Bs,

Now that weekend meets are in full swing, it is more important than ever that you are attending as many practices as you can, getting good sleeps, and hydrating.

I think that the Ice Breaker was good for you guys to get a feel for where you stand compared to your competition. Now that you have a starting point, we can start to focus on specific races and times that you want to improve upon.

As a group we seem to be having some stamina troubles in the 100m and 200m races. This week we will be  focusing on longer distances in order to shave time off the second half of our 100m free, fly, back, breast, and 200 IM races.

I believe that two swimmers of the week are in order seeing as I am a bit behind with my blog posts.

The first is Sophia K. Soph has been practicing with intensity in recent weeks and it has been paying off in her races. Her consistently positive and inclusive attitude makes her a valuable team member and keeps Senior B ‘spicy’, as some would say.

Next is Brian C. Brian has shaved off minutes in time over the past two meets- very impressive! He has also exemplified good spirit by always trying his best in his races regardless of whether he was having a good or bad day.

Way to go guys! Stay posted for information about the upcoming club movie night!