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Red and White Meet Food Orders

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The Red and White meet is the biggest event of the summer with the whole club split into two teams, with each team having a theme.
More info on teams themes will be out later this week.
The Red and White Meet is for ALL swimmers in ALL swim groups.
Here is the info on ordering dinner: (Click HERE for the ordering link)
Once again we are excited to offer you a BBQ meal that will be cooked by M & M Meats. You can order the following items (make sure to include the number of each item that you wish to have as a family) :
All beef hamburger $3.00
Vegetarian hamburger $3.00
Cheese burger  $3.50
Hot dog  $2.50
Caesar salad  $1.50
Juice 50 cents
NEW – Dilly Bars $1.50
Again – we need orders in by Sunday so please respond immediately. It should be a great family picnic.


Coach Ava’s Senior B Update

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Good work thus far Senior B! Hell Week is going well.

Only a few things to say this week.

1. Please remember that you have to have attended all Hell week practices and the triathlon as well as Grouse Grind in order to qualify for the Hell Week prize.

2. Wednesday night practice will serve as a redemption practice for those of you who have missed bits of Hell Week. If you perform exceptionally on Wednesday night, there is a chance that you will be awarded the Hell Week Keg dinner.

3. Remember that it is extremely important to stay hydrated and fuelled (food) at meets! With the summer heat draining your energy, hydration and food is essential to your swimming performance and overall health.

Coach Alexis and the JD Coppers

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Hi JD Coppers!

Today is our final JD meet at Crescent beach and I’m happy to say that almost all of us will be there! IT is going to be a fun meet so come ready to race.
Even though this week has been been the hardest week of the year for the older swimmers, we will be having our Hell Week next week. This will include the JD Triathlon which we will tell you a date and a time about soon.
So come to practices next week ready to work really hard.
See you on deck!

Hell Week for Junior B’s

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Hello Junior Bs!


First off, I would like to say a huge congratulations to those of you who were at the swim meet this weekend! We had great swims and took lots of time off, and we even made finals in multiple events!! This is awesome – great work.

As you may have heard, this week is the lovely week we like to call “Hell Week”. But before you get ready to run away in the other direction, let me explain. It is going to be a fun week complete with challenges in and out of the pool, such as the Grouse Grind (which is tomorrow!) and the Triathlon, which is happening this Thursday morning at 5am. At practices every day this week there will be a certain challenge to complete, whether it be a relay, a tough swim set, or something else. Some challenges might be repeated over the course of the week to see how much we are able to improve.

As for this morning, we swam 1000 meters (one whole kilometre)! It was a great practice and you guys worked very hard, so let’s stay motivated and keep up our endurance for the week. We will be swimming more metres than normal in lieu of this special week, so I am very happy with the amount we accomplished this morning – our goal was reached! On another note, please remember to wear running shoes all the time to practice for our dryland/stretching, and bring a water bottle because the weather looks HOT for the week.

And of course…. the prize. There is a reward for your hard work and effort, but it must be earned. We will be doing something called scoops. These scoops can be “cashed in” later on for ice cream, sprinkles, sauce, and some yummy candy. So in other words, you get to create your very own ice cream sundae! Scoops can be earned by successfully completing the daily challenges, having very nice technique (such as turns and streamlines), and just by demonstrating a positive and determined attitude when in the pool even when sets get tough. Each swimmer will automatically earn a scoop for attending practice, and those of you who attended this morning already have two scoops.

On our Wednesday evening practice we will be doing something called drag, aka swimming with clothes on, so please bring an old pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I recommend cutting off the sleeves of the shirt so it doesn’t weigh down on your shoulders, but since it will be only one practice it isn’t crucial if you choose not to. A great example of a shirt would be the type of red sports t-shirts that we have from Kigoos, or anything else of that same material. I will bring some extra shirts just in case, but they will be much bigger, so please try to bring your own. If you do not have a pair of shorts to swim in that is alright, but please try your best to remember to bring a t-shirt in order to be able to participate in drag with the rest of the group.


I’m excited for the week ahead, and let’s keep up the great work as we head into the final stretch of swim meets!



Intermediate B’s – Olympic Challenge Week

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Hi Intermediate B’s,

Olympic Challenge Week is here! From July 14 – July 22, each practice will demand your focus and ability to apply everything we have practiced. A specific challenge set is prepared every day and your skills will be tested. Details of this week have already been given out regarding the Reward. Attend 100% practices, Grouse Grind, and Triathlon! The more you attend, the more beneficial. This week will be a busy and memorable one! – Coach Leo 

Surrey Swimmer of the Meet
Most outstanding performance: Sara Rosa B & Aisha H
Most improved (technique): Rajan L 

Congratulations to
• Sara Rosa had an amazing swim in the 200m IM. She was able to keep her strokes consistent in Butterfly and drove forward with her powerful Breaststroke. Not only did she get a best time during prelims, but she also swam in Finals where she took off an addition 7s (another best time)!
• Aisha obtained her “A” time in 50 Breaststroke and swam in Finals for her very first time. Keep on swimming your best!  
• Rajan’s pull is becoming more and more efficient. He took off 20.11s in his 200m IM and 8.89s in 50m Fly! With his positive and hard-working attitude, Rajan is a great encouragement to everyone in our group. 

– Attend Grouse Grind (Tuesday, July 15): who wants to race? =) 
– Attend Triathlon (Thursday, July 17)
– Bring water and runners for this week please!!!

Hell Week . . . Intermediate A Style

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Greetings mortal swimming children,
I would like to introduce myself as Hades, God and Ruler of the Underworld. Your lovely swim coach, Madison, has enlisted my help in running your “Hell Week.” Along with myself, she has also recruited the help of several other Greek gods to help achieve excellence and perfection in your training. She wants us to shape you into the ultimate swimmers, fearless and hardworking. We have all gladly agreed to help her.
Tomorrow, you will begin your crossing of the River Styx into Tartarus to begin a 7 cycle stay in the Underworld while you begin your training for your Regional and Provincial competitions. I make no promises that this journey will be easy; in fact, it will test both your physical limits as well as your mental limits. But have no fear, I will accompany you during this trek to help ease the discomfort. Coach Madison has requested that you wear drag this week. This means tight fitting shirts and shorts that you are willing to wear in the pool. If you forget or do not bring your drag to practice, I will provide something for you to swim in but it will be an extra challenge for you.
She has told the gods that we are to reward those who complete 100% of all the training we have for you. We shall do so. Any swimmer that attends all practices as well as the Grouse Grind and Kigoos Triathlon will be rewarded with a gift from the gods themselves. 
Coach Madison has also requested me to tell you that she will be providing 20-30 minute stretching sessions after each evening practice to help ease the ache of your muscles after our physically demanding crossings.
On that note, please bring water, Gatorade and a small snack for after. We must keep you in optimal form so that you may complete the crossing and make the return to the mortal world.
I look forward to meeting you all tomorrow. Fear me not for I will make exceptional swimmers of you all, if you’re willing to make it to Hell and back.
Perfer et obdura; dolor hic tibi proderit olim,
Be patient and tough, someday this pain will be useful to you.

Kigoos Updates for July 13th

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First up – 3 sign-ups you need to take care of today:
1) Triathlon –  HERE
2)  Triathlon Breakfast – HERE
3) North Delta Swim Meet – the final regular meet of the year.  HERE
Also looking ahead to the week:
Reminder – Grouse Grind is on Tuesday morning at 10 AM.  We meet at the mountain.  Give yourself a lot of time, as there is quite a bit of construction downtown.  You can see the website for the earlier Notifier with all the details.
Practices – All practices run as normal this week EXCEPT for Thursday morning when the triathlon takes the place of practices.
Congratulations to everyone for supporting a very successful Pub Night Fundraiser!  We raised over $6000 for the club.  Special thank-you’s to all the volunteers who helped with the night , those who solicited all the awesome prizes and those families who donated prizes and cakes.  Thanks also, to the coaches who entertained our kids at the Buddy Breakaway while we enjoyed a dinner out.  Fun was had by all!

Grouse Grind and Triathlon

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Grouse Grind
The Grouse Grind will happen Tuesday, July 15 at 10am at Grouse Mountain.
Swimmers are to meet at the foot of the Grouse Grind at 10am sharp for a 10:15am departure. The hike generally takes the swimmers as little as 40 minutes to as long as 1.5 hours to complete. Swimmers can sign out with their parent as soon as they cross the finish line.
First time Grouse Grinders, please note that this is a very difficult hike.  All Junior and JD participants must have a parent supervisor with them on the hike.   Please send your child up with a large bottle of water in a light backpack that is easy for them to carry without use of their hands. It is also advised to bring a granola bar or other snack that is light to carry for when you finish.
We will have a sign-in at the base when we meet, and a sign-out at the top when you are finished. Everyone must sign-out with a coach before you go explore/eat or take the gondola ride down to meet your ride home.
Important: everyone must take the Gondola ride down the mountain – it is $10 to buy a ticket for the Gondola ride down.
We need 6 parent volunteers for this event. 2 to walk up behind the last swimmers, 2 to sit at the half way point with water, and 2 to record times at the finish line.
Please respect the drop-off/pick-up guidelines. The coaches are not responsible for the transportation or the care of your children after they are done the hike.  Any questions or concerns regarding this request should be sent to Coach Ava at
There is NO pre-registration for the Grouse Grind.
The annual Kigoos Triathlon is next Thursday, July 17th starting at 5am. This event is open for all swimmers in groups Junior B and above. Swimmers should note that for most coaches, the Triathlon is a mandatory component of Hell Week. Should a JD swimmer want to participate in the Triathlon (there will be a separate JD triathlon this year), they must seek permission from their coach before registering.
To participate in this event, all Kigoos need the following gear:
1. A solid pair of running shoes.
2. A bike with a helmet. The helmet rule goes for all swimmers from Junior B to Senior A without exception. No helmet, no ride- you can run the bike portion.
3. Their swimsuit, cap, and goggles.
The race begins at 5:30am sharp, swimmers should arrive between 5 and 5:15am in order to set up their bicycle and receive their race number.
To register please sign-up HERE.  We need close to 40 volunteers so please sign-up when you register your child(ren).
More details including breakfast information will follow-up in the next couple days.

Coach Danna and her latest VLOG

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JD Silver Blog Post

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What a fantastic season we have been having!  I can’t believe we’re in the final home stretch already with only two JD meets left

Tomorrow we have our home JD Meet at Steveston pool, please do your best to arrive on time and ready to go. We will be swimming ALL EVENTS, yes, even butterfly.

Hell week will be coming up shortly, do your best to attend practices in preparation for the hard work ahead.

I am only able to make Sunday of the Surrey meet this upcoming weekend please see me BEFORE AND AFTER your race. I apologize to those swimming on Saturday; please talk to another coach for your race talks.

Keep up the great swimming!

Reminder: Buddy breakaway is this Thursday in place of our 5:45 practice