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Tsunami Registration – Open to Returning and New Swimmers

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Tsunami (Winter Swimming Maintenance) registration is now open for all swimmers.

Please note that our Junior Development program (approx. ages 5-8 years) is currently full,  but we will be taking names for the waiting list.  Our Junior, Intermediate and Senior Divisions currently have limited space.    Your child will have an evaluation just prior to starting the program to determine their appropriate level.   Once you have completed the on-line registration form, you will be notified in a few days whether you are to complete the registration process or are on the waiting list.
Fees are $200 per swimmer (same as last year).  All new swimmers must also pay a $35 insurance fee.  New families to Kigoos must also pay a $200 deposit on their summer 2015 fees as a sign of good faith.
Tsunami is run out of Watermania from Thanksgiving until the end of March.
The coaching staff will include many of this summer’s coaches including Andre and Danna.
Swim sessions will be on Saturdays and Sundays.  The tentative schedule is:
JD – 4:45-6pm
Juniors A/B – 5:45-7pm
Intermediates A/B 6:45-8pm
Seniors A/B 7:45-9pm
The registration for Tsunami online.  In order to be registered you must complete the online form AND submit your cheque.  For new swimmers they must also complete the insurance form on paper and submit a copy of birth certificate / care card.
CURRENT KIGOOS SIBLINGS FORM – Siblings must also complete this form on paper.
NEW KIGOOS SWIMMERS FORM  – New swimmers must also complete this form on paper.
With any questions please contact Kelian Armstrong, our Tsunami Registrar at

Kigoos Water Polo Program

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The Richmond Kigoos are committed to re-starting a water polo program.  This will include a winter Tsunami program that will run after schools twice a week at Watermania.
We know for many of our swimmers water polo is a brand new sport and before swimmers have to make a commitment for Tsunami Water Polo we want to offer 4 free Saturday training sessions.
Our current thinking is to try to run a U11 and U13 program next summer and align our winter programs to prepare for this.
September Water Polo Sessions:
For U11 players (those born in 2004, 2005 and 2006) it will be from 2 – 3 pm
For U13 Players (those born in 2002 and 2003) it will be from 3 – 4 pm
Note – water polo uses December 31st as the age cut-off like school and does not use the summer swimming age groups.
Also – these sessions in September are only open to current Kigoos’ swimmers.
While these sessions are free, we need to have pre-registration.
The September sessions are at Steveston Pool on the 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th.
All sessions will be led by Coach Andre and other water polo coaches.
Please register for the September water polo program HERE.
Please register no later than September 3rd – we want to be sure we have sufficient interest to run the program.
If you would like to register and you are too young or too old for these sessions please complete the form anyway so we can see what other interest we have and depending on numbers may also be able to include you in the sessions.
More information on the Tsuami program will follow shortly.

Parent Participation Forms

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Parent Participation Forms are now due:
Form MUST be completed, signed and in HARD COPY.
Final deadline for submission is AUGUST 31, 2014.

Completed forms can be dropped off or mailed to:

Kigoos Registrar: Joanne Rooney

44-11651 Kingfisher Drive

Richmond, BC V7E 3N5

Please see the Registration tab if you need an additional form.

Coach Julia’s Final Blog Post

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Hello Junior Bs…

Congratulations on a great season! You did it! We have come so far since the beginning of May and I am very proud of all of you. I had an enjoyable time coaching and getting to know each and every one of you, so I am very happy with how our summer went and I hope you are too! Lots of time was taken off in our races, and all of our strokes and technique has improved A LOT. We even managed to have a little fun too ;) Some of us were even starting to make finals in swim meets, and we also have two provincial qualifiers which is awesome! Thank you for the gifts I received as well. I will see your smiling faces at the final banquet held at the beginning of fall, so for now enjoy the rest of your summer, and thanks again for a blast of a season!



Coach Ava’s Message to Senior B’s and Tater Tots

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Senior Bs,

I cannot believe that Regionals has come and gone! For many of you the swim season has come to an end, so I would like to congratulate all of you on an excellent summer! You were a wonderful group to coach. We had a lot of fun together and everyone’s swimming has improved tremendously, which to me is a goal well achieved.

To those of you not continuing on to provincials, I hope that the rest of your summer is spent relaxing. Remember to keep yourself active throughout the year, whether it be through Tsumani or by means of other sports!

To my Tater Tots,

Way to go guys! You were a fantastic group of up and coming swimmers. I cannot believe how much you all improved. Many of you could not put your head under water on day 1, and by our last lesson you were swimming like fish! I hope that you all keep swimming, and that many of you will be ready to go for JD, or more Tater Tots next summer!

A special thank you is due to Coach Elizabeth and Coach Roselyn who are brand-new to the coaching scene. These girls did a great job of helping the Tater Tots with their swimming!

I hope to see all of you- Senior Bs and Tater Tots at the End of Year Picnic on Wednesday August 6, at 6pm in the field behind the pool!

Weekend Wrap-Up from Coach Leo

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Hi Intermediate B’s,

I hope you had a wonderful season with me this summer. Everyone has worked extremely hard since May and I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to coach you. I am very happy that all of you have achieved best times. Remember that the strongest opponent in swimming is always your own time, so you should be proud of your achievements. Again, it is my pleasure to coach you this season. I hope that you will always remember our 5 keywords because swimming fast requires your strokes to be Efficient, and you do so with a tight Streamline, kicking off the Walls as hard as you can, doing your Underwater dolphin kick and having a strong Breakout (S.W.U.B). Doing these once is not enough, you must beConsistent whenever you swim! Remember that the nature of your strokes must also be Powerful and with high Intensity! The most important keyword though is Confidence. No matter when or where you are swimming, I hope you will always swim with Confidence because through practice, you can always improve your technique and reach limitless goals. 

I hope to see all of you again at the Awards Banquet in September/October! 

Thank you Int B Swimmers and Parents,
Coach Leo 

Intermediate B Points Earned Summary (May – Aug 2014):

  • Int B Div 3 Boys: 48 Pts
  • Int B Div 3 Girls: 52 Pts
  • Int B Div 4 Boys: 65 Pts
  • Int B Div 4 Girls: 38 Pts