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Coach Ava’s Message to Senior B’s and Tater Tots

August 5th, 2014 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner

Senior Bs,

I cannot believe that Regionals has come and gone! For many of you the swim season has come to an end, so I would like to congratulate all of you on an excellent summer! You were a wonderful group to coach. We had a lot of fun together and everyone’s swimming has improved tremendously, which to me is a goal well achieved.

To those of you not continuing on to provincials, I hope that the rest of your summer is spent relaxing. Remember to keep yourself active throughout the year, whether it be through Tsumani or by means of other sports!

To my Tater Tots,

Way to go guys! You were a fantastic group of up and coming swimmers. I cannot believe how much you all improved. Many of you could not put your head under water on day 1, and by our last lesson you were swimming like fish! I hope that you all keep swimming, and that many of you will be ready to go for JD, or more Tater Tots next summer!

A special thank you is due to Coach Elizabeth and Coach Roselyn who are brand-new to the coaching scene. These girls did a great job of helping the Tater Tots with their swimming!

I hope to see all of you- Senior Bs and Tater Tots at the End of Year Picnic on Wednesday August 6, at 6pm in the field behind the pool!

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