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Junior Red Update from Coach Leo

May 25th, 2015 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner

Hi Junior Reds,

Hope you are enjoying the season so far. We are two weeks away from Ice Breaker so let’s continue to understand our strokes.
Last week, we applied our keyword L-O-N-G to our 6x50m. I emphasized the importance of reaching forward and finishing our pull to our feet in freestyle to maximize efficiency. We reviewed our backstroke while making sure we roll our shoulders to maximize power, and shifted our focus to breaststroke timing and underwater pull. 

Remember that you don’t have to spin our arms fast in order to swim fast! As long you are steady in your stroke cycle by pulling deep and reaching long, you will swim faster than someone thrashing their arms in the long run (recall the race of Tortoise and the Hare). Consider the quality of your pull first before the speed. We will continue to learn to pull efficiently before increasing speed.

Backstroke summary:
1. Point your toes, kick right underneath the water surface (Never stop kicking!)
2. Body straight and head looking up the sky not feet
3. Straight arm up and close to head
4. Roll shoulders
5. Push water to feet     

Breaststroke summary:
1. keep knees close, kick directly backward, not sideways outward
2. Lunge and kick at the same time
3. Do not pause arms in front of chest, the pull is all one motion!
4. Remember to glide and relax 
5. Underwater Pull:

This week, we will combine our skills into our IM transitions (Back-Breast & Breast-Free), review our dive starting position and progress to our breakouts, and introduce butterfly timing and 1 arm fly. We will also reinforce our back to back flip turns and our 5 dolphin
kicks off every wall. See you this week!

– Sign up for ICE BREAKER: DEADLINE TODAY (May 25)
– Bring water bottle & runners
– Come to as many practices as possible. Attendance is improving!

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