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Coach Ian’s Message for JD Reds

May 26th, 2015 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner
Hey JD Reds!
We have had an awesome first two weeks so far!  Everyone is working really hard on their kicks, arms, and drills for Freestyle and Backstroke, and you all have really good streamline starts off every wall.  Keep it up!  Remember to bring a water bottle and running shoes to practice.  Also, make sure that you are always kicking and that you finish the set ALL THE WAY INTO THE WALL.
This week we will be working on our breastroke, turns, and dives as Icebreaker approaches.  We will also be starting our 50m kick challenge where we challenge our best time for continuous, fast flutter kicks.
Don’t forget about the Mock Meet this Saturday.  For those families that are new to the club, this is a great way to learn how a swim meet functions and get used to the racing environment.  Check the club website for the schedule and be sure to stick around for the breakfast waffles afterwards.
See you on deck!
Coach Ian

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