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Junior White Update from Liam and Alexis

May 24th, 2015 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on Junior White Update from Liam and Alexis)

Junior Whites!

Alexis and I have really enjoyed the past week and getting to know you all a little bit better. We are really looking forward to this summer, especially with the improvements we’ve already seen!

This week we did a lot of work on our Breastroke, and introduced our Butterfly arms. Swimmers should continue to focus on flexing the feet during the Breastroke kick.

Last Saturday we had a little coaches and parents meeting. If you weren’t able to attend, one of the points we stressed is that we expect our swimmers to show up to activation wearing runners. There is a lot of movement during activation, and having all the swimmers wearing runners is a great way to make sure no one trips!

As always you can reach coach Alexis and I at and

Senior Update from Coach Brandon

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Seniors! Another Week has come and gone so quickly. I am really enjoying being your coach and I hope that you are enjoying me being your coach also. Let’s keep up the hard work as the last few practices have been going really well. I am impressed with how quickly our technique is coming along but it still needs lots of work! The next couple weeks before the Mock Meet and Ice Breaker we will start to work more on turns and dives. But still need to get our fitness work in! :)
To all of the parents that missed our parents meeting, here are the key things we went over…
-During School: Minimum 4 times a week. Once school is over: Swimming every day
-Ensure that your children are bringing water bottles to practice
-During School make them stretch at home
-But a pair of fins (sold at Watermania)
-All Kigoos social events are mandatory
-Icebreaker and Regionals are mandatory (Make every meet that you can)
-Everyone gets faster
-Have Fun!
-Positive Attitude
-To be great role models for the younger swimmers
-Fun Competitive Environment
-Always be on time
-If your children are complaining of being in pain make sure to see a physio
-Make sure that your children are eating as best as they can
That’s all for now!

JD Turquoise Update – May 22nd from Coach Tamara

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Hey JD Turquoise swimmers and parents!
Hope everyone had a great long weekend. Last week, we had very good attendance and I would like to keep our numbers high. We have already improved so much so it’s very important that swimmers attend as many practices as possible because every practice is building on the day before which may lead to lacking in some skill development. We are currently repeating drills and breath control so later on we will be able to swim full stroke more easily.
 I would also like to remind and encourage for all new and old swimmers  to come out to the Mock meet next Saturday morning to experience what a swim meet is like and get a delicious breakfast after (don’t forget to order it).
Some reminders:
1. When swimmers are in the water, and a coach is talking you need to have your head up, hands-on the wall, and ears wide open. Also, we do not leave the wall until a coach says go.
2. If everyone could show up on time with runners and be ready to go.
3. Waterproof Sunscreen is highly recommended as we are in the bright sun.
4. Water is also recommended for all athletes while engaged in activities.
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to talk to Julia or I before or after practice, not during

JD White Update from Coach Peter

May 20th, 2015 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on JD White Update from Coach Peter)
Hello JD White swimmers and parents,the first week of group practice just went by so fast.I hope that you have been enjoying it so far. In the past week, my swimmers and I got to know each other better from games and the “get-to-know-me” sheet. All my swimmers improved on breath-controlling, streamline body position and kicking technique.  I am extremely proud of having such a group of talented and responsible swimmers. Let’s keep up our good effort! I hope to see some of you more often at the pool!

Coach Leo’s Message to Junior Reds – May 19th

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Hi Junior Reds,

Hope everyone had a great long weekend. Last week, we practiced on our Freestyle and Backstroke body position emphasizing on:  

1. Breathing (Head Low) 
2. Pulling (Arms Long)
3. Tight streamline
4. 5 underwater dolphin kick (free,back,fly)

These four pointers promote Efficiency. Head low to the water when breathing keeps your body aligned and balanced. Avoid lifting your head when breathing because you’ll exert unnecessary energy, feel uncomfortable, and lose balance as your front arm drops. 

As a group, our freestyle stroke rate is quick but our pull is short. This is like riding your bike on the lowest gear, shooting a soccer ball with only half the range of leg motion, or serving a tennis ball without following through. Our hands act as paddles so if we lengthen our strokes by reaching forward and pulling back as far as we can, we are maximizing our range of pull and power. Remember to pull  L   O   N   G. 

This week, we will apply our 4 pointers into breaststroke and butterfly with a focus on timing and body motion. We will practice the underwater breaststroke pull, dolphin dives, 1 arm fly, and review our freestyle, backstroke, and dives. See you this week.

– Bring Runners and Water Bottle
– Return Goal Sheet 
– Return Goal Sheet

Welcome to JD Blue – from Coach Jacob

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Hello JD Blues and JD parents,

Welcome to Kigoo Summer 2015, I am Jacob (Jake) Lee and I will be coaching the JD Blue group for this summer. I have been a part of Kigoos since 2007 and this year I have been given the chance to coach my own group. I am very excited and know this season is going to be so much fun just from these first couple practices. Some of my accomplishments from last year would be the winning of 5 gold medals at last year’s regional competition, and then competing at the Provincial Championships. I have been a volunteer with the Kigoos Tater Tot program and a CIT/Assistant Coach for many years.

A few rules that I have for the season for my swimmers are:

-Listening when I am talking

-Working as hard as we can

-Have fun

These are three easy rules that if we all listen to and follow, I know we will all have a fun and fast swimming filled season. Welcome to JD Blue!

Welcome to JD Red – from Coach Ian

May 12th, 2015 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on Welcome to JD Red – from Coach Ian)

Hello JD Red swimmers and parents!

My name is Ian Sifton and I am super excited to be coaching you guys for the summer!  To the returning swimmers, welcome back.  And to our new faces, welcome to the family!  This is my ninth year swimming with Kigoos and my 3rd year as a JD coach for the club.  I’ve had so many fantastic experiences over the years that range from having a great time with my friends to making new best times for butterfly, my favourite stroke!

My goal for the season is to make sure that you guys have a great time in the water and experiencing everything the club has to offer, while learning and improving on our swimming technique, speed, and endurance.

A few things that I’d like swimmers and parents to keep in mind are:

  • Please show up on time for warm-up (with a pair of running shoes in the event that we use the back field).
  • No fooling around (talking, splashing, etc.) when the coach is speaking.  This will help ensure we get through the explanation of the set quickly and be able to swim as much as possible.
  • Every time we push off a wall, our feet to be explosive and our hands need to shoot up into a rocketship!

Also, I would recommend swimmers bring a bottle of water.

We are going to be working a lot on our kicking endurance for the next two weeks, focussing on having small and fast kicks continuously moving through the water.  We’re also going to be going over our technique for our freestyle (front crawl) and backstroke to make they are super good.  For freestyle, focussing on keeping our kick going and our ear glued to our arm when we turn to breath.  For backstroke, kicking with our feet at the surface, pushing our tummies up and our chin back.

I can’t wait to get started!  See you guys on the pool deck!

Coach Ian

Welcome to JD Turquoise from Coaches Sam and Tamara

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Hello JD Turquoise swimmers and parents,
Our names are Sam Sifton and Tamara Yoshida, we will be your coaches for the 2015 swim season. Sam has been a Kigoo swimmer for nine consecutive years; however, this is his first season as a coach. His most proud accomplishments during his time with Kigoos in these nine years are his 5 provincial medals. The most note-worthy being his 2012 BCSSA 200 meter medley relay provincial gold medal and his 2012 BCSSA 100 meter breaststroke provincial bronze medal. His favourite part of being a Kigoo are the great friends and lasting memories you make at meets, practices, and social events. Tamara has been a Kigoo swimmer for ten consecutive years, and this is also her first season as a coach. Tamara’s favourite moment as a Kigoo was when she placed 3 times in the 2009 BCSSA provincial championship; each of them being gold. She also loved being the young swimmer that would always hang around the older swimmers, like coach Ava as well as the friends you make and grow up with.
Our goals for this season include progressions to full stroke backstroke and freestyle, along with good technique. Our expectations are that swimmers will attend practice at least four times a week, are prepared to listen to the coaches, try their best, and above all else – have fun!
We hope to see you all on deck and in the pool!
JD Turquoise Coach Sam and Coach Tamara


A Senior Welcome -from Coach Danna

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Hi everyone!

My name is Coach Danna, and I will be coaching the senior white group this year. I’m a born and bred Kigoo, and this is my seventh season with the club, and my eighth year coaching swimming. I’m super excited to work with senior swimmers again, and we are going to work our hardest, but we’ll also have fun as well! This season, I would like our group to master foundational skills in each stroke, and to master important racing skills – in practice and in competition. I will talk to you more specifically about what that looks like over the next coming weeks. I also believe at this age, you also play a big role in your swimming success – I not only coach you, but I help you coach yourselves. So start thinking about what your goals are for this season, and to be alert and aware while you are in practice (it isn’t enough just showing up!).

I’m currently finishing my Bachelor of Education program at UBC, so I am only around a couple of days each week in May, and I will be in Williams Lake for the month of June. I will be back at the pool everyday come July; in the meantime, I will be available after practices if parents/swimmers would like to chat and I will do my best to reply to emails as soon as I can.

See you on deck,
Coach Danna

Welcome to Intermediate Red – from Coach Emmy

May 11th, 2015 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on Welcome to Intermediate Red – from Coach Emmy)

Hi Kigoos!

My name is Emilia Obedkoff (Emmy) and I am thrilled to be joining the Kigoos this season! I am a certified NCCP level one coach and have been apart of BCSSA for sixteen consecutive years. I have coached summer, winter, masters and high school programs and have worked with swimmers aged four to eighty-four. Most recently, I have acted as co-head coach of the Kelowna Ogopogo summer swim club and I am eager to be starting my fifth season of coaching. As a swimmer, I competed with the Kelowna Aqua jets winter swim club for four seasons where I achieved an age group national time in the 100 breaststroke. I also participated in twelve seasons of summer swimming and never missed a season since joining BCSSA at age four. I am extremely passionate about swimming and truly believe it is the greatest sport due to its ability to instill dedication, passion, hard work and team unity in those involved.

As a coach I believe a positive environment is necessary to foster success and I hope to increase the positivity and confidence already present in the Kigoo swimmers through encouragement, respect and fun. My coaching values are centered around 1) Technique, 2) Hard work, and of course 3) Fun

I believe in quality over quantity. The first few weeks of practices will mainly consist of drills and kicking. The focus will be mastery of drills and increased kicking speed and endurance, which will translate into improved technique and faster swimming! The focus for this week is freestyle drills and underwater dolphin kick.

I will be mainly working with the Intermediate red group and master’s swimmers this season. If you have any questions please contact me at I am very excited to be apart of the Kigoos family and I look forward to meeting you and sharing my love of swimming with all!