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Welcome to Junior Red – from Coach Leo

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Hi Junior Red swimmers and Parents, 

My name is Leo Lui and I have the privilege to coach the Junior Red Group this season. This is my 5th year coaching and 12th year as a Kigoos swimmer with my previous seasons working mainly with the Intermediates. Being part of the Kigoos family has been such a memorable journey ever since I joined in Grade 6 and I’ve had wonderful experiences in each successive year. My goal for the Junior Red group is to have a meaningful and fun season by becoming confident and comfortable in all their strokes. Swimming is such an intense and fun sport, and the greatest reward for me as your coach is to be able to deepen your interest and love of swimming. Hopefully you will find swimming relaxing, challenging, and rewarding by the end of this season! I will also be applying some drills I’ve gained from my NCCP Swimming 101 course.      

Everyone will receive a Welcome Letter and Goal Sheet from me this afternoon. It is great to be back and I am excited to officially begin our group together as Junior Red. This week, we will be focusing on Freestyle and Backstroke body position and legs, streamline, dolphin kick, and dive preparation and entry. Please attend to as many practices as possible. 

Let’s have a safe and rewarding season! We are exactly four weeks away from our first meet – Ice Breaker. 

– Please read over the Welcome Letter and fill out the Goal Sheet
– Bring runners and water bottle

Welcome to Kigoos – from Head Coach Ava

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Hey Kigoos!
I would like to send out another warm welcome to all of the new Kigoos we have with us this summer, and welcome back all of our returning swimmers and families. Assessment week allowed us to take a look at the amazing talent we have within the club, and see the great potential that the swimmers have. It is going to be another fantastic summer of swimming!
This is my 10th year with the Kigoos and my fourth year as a coach. Being a Kigoo comes with a great sense of pride seeing as we have been one of the strongest, and biggest clubs in the Fraser South region for decades. We are known for sweeping through meets and coming home, necks heavy with medals, and boxes of ribbons piled high. While we love to compete, and show off our improvements at each meet, being a Kigoo is about so much more than just getting the gold. Being a Kigoo is about the sense of community that swells our hearts with excitement every time we set foot on deck at Steveston Pool. It is about the stories told and games played under canopies at rainy swim meets, the pasta nights and cheering loud, and about the friends that we make and will keep for the rest of our lives. I am so excited to be apart of another summer of the Kigoos magic that keeps us thirsty for May 1st year after year.
Our focus as a club for these first few weeks is your endurance and technique. Many of you have been away from the pool for a while and we want to get you back in shape by doing lots of meters. These first practices are crucial for building your technical foundation that will set the tone for your racing later on. All of you should be thinking about the corrections that your coaches are giving you with each stroke that you take. The key is practicing properly, even when you are tired, so that by the time you get to race day proper technique comes naturally.
Intermediate White:
I am so excited to be working with you guys this summer! We have a big group of swimmers with a wide range of swimming experience and lots of improving to do! Please come to practice on time and ready to work hard, because the harder we work the more fun we will have. Bring a water bottle to practice every day, you may not realize it but you are sweating a lot when you are swimming and so you need to stay hydrated so that your muscles do not cramp up. This week we will be working on our streamlines and kick.
Throughout the whole season if you guys have any questions or concerns, please email me or come talk to me after practice. I think that it is important for you guys bring your questions or concerns to me yourselves instead of asking your parents to do it for you. I enjoy hearing from you guys and will always hear you out!
Note to all Parents:
Thank you for signing your children up for Kigoos! Of all the sports that I have done, swimming is the one that my friends and I come back to, and reminisce on years later. This is truly a special experience that stays with you forever and I am excited for you and your kids to be apart of it.
We have a wonderful group of coaches on board this summer. Three are new to Kigoos altogether: Coach Brandon, Coach Emilia, and Coach Liam. I have been getting to know them during Assessment Week and strongly believe that they are all fantastic additions to the club. They have a variety of different swimming backgrounds that together, along with the backgrounds of our returning coaches, will help enrich the swimming experience for your kids.
A few friendly reminders:
  • Please respect the orange cones on the pool deck. These are in place to allow the coaches and swimmers to focus on practices without any disturbances. If you should need to speak to your child’s coach, please do so after practice. If you need to get your child’s attention to pass them a quick message during practice, please ask the coach before doing so to make sure that it will not disrupt practice.
  • There are “Moving Days” this year in order to give the coaches the liberty to adjust which group a swimmer is in if we find it necessary. Please keep this in mind when requesting that your child be placed in another group. We carefully consider the placement of each swimmer and make our decisions based on which group we think would be best for the swimmer’s training. Often times, we will need to see a little more from a swimmer in order to make a correct placement, and so please be patient if your child is not placed where they would like to be right off the bat. If there is a case where a swimmer is obviously in the wrong group, we will not wait for a Moving Day to adjust their placement. All of our coaches are fantastic, and no practice is wasted- one or two swims in the wrong group will not hurt in the long run.
  • Please feel free to email me at any time, or talk to me at the pool when I am not coaching! My email address is
We are going to have a great season Kigoos! Let’s get swimming!

Junior Development Overview – from Coach Julia

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Hello everyone!

My name is Julia Morris and this year I am very excited to be the JD Coordinator for our Kigoos JD program! I am currently 19 years old, and just finished up my second year of university at UBC in Vancouver. This year marks my 12th year swimming with Kigoos, and my 6th of being part of the coaching staff. In previous years I have coached the JD groups, Junior groups, and Intermediate groups both during the summer season and during our Tsunami maintenance program. I’m happy to be back at Steveston Pool with Kigoos this summer, and whether you are a returning member of the club or have just joined I know we will have a great time together!


This year I do not have my own group since I will be overseeing the four JD groups, so I will be on deck during the JD practices assisting in and out of the water where necessary, and will also be attending the JD meets and social events. I’m looking forward to having a great time with the JD program this year as we will be heading into a summer full of personal development and achievements. We’re going to be building upon technique and the basic skills of all four strokes, and we hope to see you make as many practices as possible as each day will build upon different skill sets and dynamics. I know it’s a busy time with school slowly winding down, but let’s try to kick off the season off with great attendance!


I’m eager to get to know everyone, and I wish for this season to be as fulfilling as possible for all whom are involved. Parents, if you have any questions or would just like to chat, please feel free to contact me at, and I will also be available on deck before and after practices. As for these blog posts, they will be coming weekly to keep you updated with the JD program’s plans and events. That’s all for now, I’m super excited for yet another great season and see you on deck tomorrow for our first day practicing with our new groups!

Welcome Junior White – from Coaches Liam and Alexis

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Hello Junior White swimmers and parents!

Our names are Liam and Alexis and we will be your coaches for the rest of the season. Alexis has worked with the Kigoos since last year as a Junior Development coach and has swam competitively for 9 years now. This is Liam’s first year with the Kigoos, but not his first year coaching.

He has worked as a coach with the Richmond Rapids swim team for the past two years. Throughout this season we hope to accomplish many things. Some goals for this season are to bring the swimmers endurance up throughout the year, improve on our strokes with drills and maintaining proper technique, and to have lots of fun with our Kigoo family. Some expectations we have are that swimmers will try their best to come to at least 4 practices a week, always listen to the coaches during the practice, and work hard every time they step on the pool deck. 

We hope everyone is excited as we are for this swim season and we look forward to seeing you on the pool deck!

JD White Welcome from Coach Peter

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Hi Kigoos swimmers and parents, welcome to another fun summer swimming season.
It was exciting to see so many familiar faces last week. I am glad that I am going to work and swim with Kigoos for another season.As a student, I am going into my second year in Business faculty at SFU. As a swimmer,  I have been swimming competitively  for 6 years.  I joined Kigoos family two years ago. I enjoyed every moment I had with my peer swimmers,coaches and parents. It encouraged me to contribute more to Kigoos family. Last summer, I worked as an assistant coach with JD program. The experience increased my understanding of the program and strengthened the bond between my Kigoos family and I.  I look forward to inspiring my fellow swimmers with my rich experience in swimming coaching and passion in Kigoos.
  Besides working with Kigoos, I have been working annually with a private-coaching organization for two and an half years. I dedicate over ten hours per week in coaching to improve my professional skills while having fun with my swimmers.  In this summer swimming season with Kigoos, I plan to leverage on my knowledge in swimming coaching to help my JD White swimmers improve their strokes in a progressive way.  By the end of the swimming season, I expect my swimmers to  swim at least three competitive strokes with good technique. If they cannot,  I will swim for them. However, I really hope that all my swimmers have fun in Kigoos family and love this sport because no one can do those for them.
 Peter is ready for a fun and productive swimming season, are you ready?
 JD White Coach Peter Duan

Welcome to Senior – from Coach Brandon

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Hey Seniors!
Just wanted to say how much of a honor it is being your coach this summer. I am really pleased with how assessment week went and I feel that it can only go up from there. I want to keep seeing the amount of focus in practices till the end of the year!
For those of you who have no idea who I am, this little blurb on me will help. My swimming career started when I was six years old joining the Vancouver Vikings, many years of swimming flew by and I eventually went in to winter swimming with the Richmond Rapids. Throughout the years I was a backstroker and my career took me to many of my favorite moments in life including winning Nationals in Montreal in 50 backstroke, winning Western Canadian Championships in the 50 and 100 backstroke, and finally capping it all off with me making my Olympic trial time. I went to St. Georges high school in Vancouver and I am currently attending McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.
I have drafted the goals for our group which I am excited to share with you in our upcoming group meeting this will include:
1. Minimum attendance during school should be 4 practices a week. If school is an issue, please come see me and we can figure something out. Once school is done, everyone should be swimming at least once a day Monday to Saturday.
2. I would like everyone to be at as many meets as possible especially Ice Breakers and Regionals. Racing is a fun and important part of swimming and that is why we work so hard in practice so we can race fast!
3. To be great role models for the younger swimmers and to attend Kigoos social events in our calendar.
4. To ensure you are well hydrated before and during practice. I noticed that some swimmers are getting cramps during practice. Also it is mandatory for everyone to bring a water bottle to practice!
5. To stretch after practice to avoid injuries.
5. My biggest goal for this season is for everyone to have fun, be team spirited and to race to the best of their abilities!
Please feel free to email or come to me if there are any questions.

Kigoos Notifiers?

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Hopefully you are getting the regular Notifier Updates.  If you are not on the email list and would like to be added please send a note to Chris at