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Intermediate White Update from Coach Ava

June 24th, 2015 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner
Intermediate White!
You guys continue to impress me at every meet with the minutes that you shave off your times. It is not unusual for you guys to shave anywhere from 15-30 seconds off your races- this is HUGE! While your speed has improved overall, we still have a lot of work to do with your technique, specifically your underwater work, and your turns.
As I said in my Head Coach blog post, underwater work is not optional. You must do 5 fly kicks off the wall in a tight streamline for all fly, back, and free races. For breast stroke, you must do an underwater pullout before you do your breakout. We have been working on our underwater work and our breakouts all month, yet they are still lacking, which tells me that as a group, you guys are not giving your 100% effort to practices. You have heard me say it a thousand times; all I can ask for is your 100% effort, if I see that you are trying your best then I am happy. Those of you who have been focusing at practices have seen major improvements in your races, which is awesome.
Now that school is over, I would like all of you to be attending 5 practices per week. It is very hard to make progress if your attendance is spotty. If you are struggling with one specific stroke, or with your flip turns and/or dives, make sure that you come to morning practice! Morning practices are generally a bit quieter than afternoon practices, and therefore we have lots of time for more individualized attention.
Have a very nice weekend off! :)
– Ava


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