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Update from Head Coach Ava

June 27th, 2015 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner
Hello Kigoos!
Since the Ice Breaker, you have all continued to swim impressive races and show dedication and increased strength in practices… Keep up the good work!
I have noticed both some positive and not-so-great club-wide trends in the past few weeks. As you read through these trends, I would like you to think about how they apply to you and your swimming. If you are thinking to yourself “That’s not about me!”… Think again, these apply toall of you!
  1. Fast underwater fly kick off the walls, in a tight streamline! This applies to all freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly races, and is not optional! Swimmers from JD all the way up to Senior are forgetting to do their underwater kick, and are getting beat off the blocks and off the walls.
  2. Underwater pullouts! These have been all over the place. Just like underwater fly kick in free, back, and fly, underwater pullouts are not optional for your breast stroke races! Here is a video of Rebecca Soni breaking a world record (start the video at 3:20)  <>… Watch her underwater pullouts!
  3. Breathing. Especially in 50m races, breathing is not entirely necessary! Many of you are breathing every 3 strokes, or every 4 strokes in a 50m freestyle. I would everyone to work on breathing 1-2 or 3 times on the first 25m (depending if you are a JD, Junior, Intermediate, or Senior), and 2-3 or 4 times on the way back.
Positive Trends:
  1. Positive attitude at both meets and practices
  2. Consistent improvement of swimming technique and speed
  3. Sportsmanship
Let’s work to improve the not-so-great things, and keep up the positive club-wide trends!
A Note About Relays:
Beginning at the North Shore Winter Club swim meet on July 4 & 5, relay teams will be selected based on speed. For the Ice Breaker, Boundary Bay, and the Super 7 I have created as many relay teams as possible in the aim of including everyone on at least one relay. From now on, all swimmers attending a meet should not take for granted that they will be put on a relay team.
I hope that you all have a great weekend off! Get lots of rest and stay hydrated so that when Monday rolls around you are ready to go!
A Friendly Reminder for All Parents:
If your swimmer is signed up for a swim meet you must attend this swim meet or else you will be fined for each individual race that they miss.
It is extremely important that you notify me (Coach Ava) immediately if your child is unable to swim on a relay. Ideally, you will indicate this in the “comments” section of the meet sign up. It is too late to tell me on Saturday morning of the swim meet as I will have already created the relays for both days of the meet.


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