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Kigoos Scholarships

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The Richmond Kigoos have created a scholarship fund for our senior swimmers. Three scholarships of $500 each will be awarded to current or former Kigoos who are attending post-secondary institutions in the fall. Any interested and eligible Kigoos are encouraged to apply. The deadline for all applications is July 20th, 2015. Scholarships will be awarded on August 12th, at the End of Season Picnic. Any questions can be directed to

HERE is a link to full details. (PDF document)

HERE is the application form. (word document)

Provincial Hotel Bookings

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We have a block of rooms reserved at the Sandman in Victoria. Anyone who would like to book there, please call in by June 26th. After that point, Kigoo rooms will be released to the general public.

Call to Reserve: 1-250-388-0788
Reservation Code – Richmond Kigoos – 260854

Junior Red Update from Coach Leo

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Hi Junior Reds,

Although we were a smaller group at the Boundary Bay Meet, I hope that everyone learned something from your races this weekend. Whether it was the length where you breathed off the wall, the dive that made your goggles fall off, the pause in our strokes due to breathing too long, or the length where your arms become so heavy you don’t seem to be moving forward, becoming aware of every factor that causes us to fall back to our habit of inefficient swimming is crucial for improvement. Once you know where your form falls apart, keep on practicing until it becomes consistent. It is difficult to do and may take a long time, but we will keep working together so I hope you will be encouraged and have fun during the process. Put all your energy and thought into improving your own technique.

In the previous two weeks, our main focus was all about L-O-N-G strokes and Explosive Turnover. The key is to reduce any pause and to set up quickly for the next pull. As a group, we need to be more aggressive in our strokes when racing.  There is pausing in each of our strokes for different reasons. We will be working on quicker breathing in freestyle, a smoother roll in backstroke, and getting ready for our next pull after the glide in breaststroke. The focus of this week will be getting rid of PAUSE. The goal of Ladner Super 7 is to have a faster 1st 25m right from the start.

I will also be introducing the 3 categories of “Swimmers of the Meet”. I will put your name here on the website. I hope everyone will strive towards this!

Most outstanding performance: swimmer who ranks in the top 8, explosive swimming
Most improved (time): swimmer who takes off the most time with respect to the previous swim meet
Most improved (technique): swimmer who applies the skills and tips learned in practice into races consistently


–          Swimmer of the Week details and Season Update can be found here. It will start today (June 15)!

–          Attend as many practices as possible. Our group attendance average is 3/8 practices a week.

–          North Shore Winter Club Meet Sign-up deadline (June 22)

JD White Update from Coach Peter

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Hello JD White swimmers and parents,
It was great to see so many of you at the Icebreaker Meet. Good job to all the swimmers who did their very first races last weekend. From watching you finishing the race, I am impressed by your  courage and dedication. I still remembered how nervous I were when I swam my first race ever. I am sure that you will enjoy the races more and more as you come to more meets.
  You all improved a lot on your technique. I saw lots of you having  big arm circles and flat head position in the races. It was great! In the following weeks, we will learn how to distribute our energy evenly in a race and how to follow the rules to not be disqualified.
  Thank you to all the parents who accompanied the swimmers to the meet and helped to make the meet successfully take place! I hope to see you all at the first JD meet in North Delta! Also, please do not forget that the coming Thursday is club photo day!

JD Red Update from Coach Ian

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Hey, JD Reds!

Great job to everyone who swam at the Icebreaker this past weekend!  You all put in your best effort and I was super happy to see that you all kicked super-fast in every one of your races!  If you have any questions about your times, feel free to ask me. At future meets, please remember to come and speak to me before and after your race.

This week we’ll be focusing mostly on technique, particularly for Breastroke.  We’ll be doing more work on our Freestyle and Backstroke starts, turns and finishes, as well as introducing the Butterfly stroke.

Please remember to wear runners for warm-up and bring a bottle of water for practice.

This Thursday, June 11th, is photo day and it would be awesome if our entire group could make it!  Also, the week after on June 17th is the JD North Delta meet.

JD Update from Coach Julia

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Hello JD swimmers!

Great job to those of you who swam at the Icebreaker, we’re all proud of you and can’t wait to see even more swimmers at the upcoming North Delta JD meet and other weekend meets. May was an awesome month, we saw so much progress and improvements coming from so many of you, and we are all eager to see what June will bring! The overall attendance seems to be getting stronger too, which is fantastic as every day the JD coaches are building upon skills learned the previous day, so consistent attendance is very beneficial to ensure each swimmers progress. That being said, please try to keep coming to as many practices as possible – and please keep bringing those running shoes as now most of our activation is done in the back field.

And just a reminder, Kigoos photo day is this Thursday the 11th! A schedule will be sent out shortly, but we hope to see as many of you as possible to get a packed photo with lots of swimmers!

As always, parents, if you have any questions or would like to chat, I will be on deck before, during, and after practice and will be happy to discuss whatever it may be. Thanks to everyone who has made the beginning of the season such a great one, and I’m looking forward to the coming weeks!

See everyone on deck!

Junior Red Update from Coach Leo

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Hi Junior Reds,

Hope everyone had fun at Ice Breaker! I was especially excited since I finally get to watch you race. I encourage everyone to continue signing up to swim meets because they are the best place to apply our skills.

Starting this week and until the end of the season, we will be thinking about two questions: 1) how do we maximize efficiency in our strokes? and 2) how do we become consistent in our strokes? We will continue to build our strokes from May and will target the places where our technique is most likely to fall apart.

Two main goals for us in June are:
1) To become consistent in our streamline, underwater kick and breakout (basic skills that are crucial in the long term)
2) To improve endurance/fitness

This week, we will progress to full stroke butterfly without fins. We will make our Breakouts more explosive, increase the speed of our Turnover, and speed up our turns and underwater transition. See you this week!

– Swim Meet Time Chart will be available Tuesday (June 9)
– Swimmer of the Week details will be available Wednesday (June 10)
– Photo Day on Thursday (June 11– I would like our entire group to attend, revised schedule)
– Continue to sign up for swim meets

Notifier Update – June 7th

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1)  July / August Schedule
The July / August Practice Schedule is posted HERE.   In addition, here is some important information from Head Coach Ava:
Beginning June 29, all swimmers must only attend their designated group practices. In other words, swimmers will be unable to “make-up” practices times that do not work in their schedule by attending an alternative group’s practices. As school and other activities come to an end, we hope that all swimmers will be able to make 4-5 practices per week. With limited pool space in July and August, there is no room for shifting around due to scheduling conflicts. 
Thank you for your understanding. 
Notice for all Senior swimmers:
Practicing as a combined “Seniors” group has worked well for May and June, however as we anticipate more of you will be attending practice regularly beginning in July and going through to August, we have to split the seniors into Red and White groups. The seniors will still practice as a combined group three times per week. 
We will be splitting the seniors into Red and White based on their demonstrated ability, times, and commitment to Kigoos. We hope that the split into Red and White will be a positive experience as it will give each of you a chance to have more individualized coaching that is better suited to your specific needs as a swimmer. 
Senior Red and White group lists will be posted on Friday, June 26 and will come into effect for the July 29-August 7 practice schedule. 
2)  Photo Day
Photo Day is this Thursday.  Starting tomorrow, swimmers can pick up the order forms from their coaches.  We also have them available at the office.  Darby Photos will be doing our photos this year.  The photos will be between 4 – 6 pm.  Look for a final photo schedule tomorrow.
3)  Meet Sign-Ups
Please continue to sign-up for upcoming meets.  We will be closing the Ladner Super 7 Meet tomorrow.  If you have changed your availability and submit a second entry, we will use your most recent entry as your current entry.
Our sign-up for JD Meets is quite light – we need all those wanting to attend the North Delta JD Meet to sign-up by tomorrow (we only have 18 signed-up for the first JD Meet).  PLEASE NOTE – while these meets are geared for new swimmers, newer Junior and Intermediate swimmers may want to attend.  The rule for these meets is swimmers must be in divisions 1-3 and only have B times.  Often, for example, older siblings of JD swimmers attend JD Meets if they meet the criteria.
4)  Tater- Tots
Information on this year’s Tater Tots Program has now been posted HERE.   This highly successful program, will continue with the newly expanded model we established last year – a longer program that goes for almost 2 months!  Registration turn-around is quick, by this Thursday with classes starting a week tomorrow.  Preference is given to current Kigoos and to alumni – please share with others who may be interested.  All questions to Ava at
5)  Photos
We are trying to continually update our social media sites and our websites with photos from various events.  Please send any photos  We see lots of people taking photos, it would be great to share them!
Thanks again everyone for a great weekend!

Richmond Kigoos Tater Tots Swimming Program

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What to expect:

This seven week intensive swim program is designed for young swimmers to learn and build on the fundamentals of swimming. While this program aims to help younger children be more comfortable in the water, and to establish the key fundamental skills in swimming that are necessary to improve quickly, this program is not meant as direct stepping stone into our Junior Development program and should not be treated as such.

Preference will be given to younger siblings of Kigoos families as well as Kigoos Alumni on a first come, first serve basis. All swimming will be done in the small teaching pool at Steveston Outdoor Pool.

Due to limited pool space we only have room for a total of 16 swimmers. Each session is 30 minutes long and your swimmer will be assigned either the first or second half hour of the stated times and will be notified once registration is complete. The cost of the program is $100 and includes a Kigoos t-shirt.



Monday, Wednesday, Friday from June 15th until August 5th (no sessions on Wednesday, July 1st, 8th, or 29th).  Each session will be 30 minutes.  The program runs from 5 – 6 pm and swimmers will be assigned to the first or second half hour.


Please note:

Swimmers are expected to be on deck and ready to swim at the posted time. They should have goggles, and a swim suit. Parents must be on deck for the duration of the practice to care for their child if needed.

The deadline for registration is Thursday, June 11th.

For more information or to register please contact Head Coach Ava by email at  Participants will be notified which timeslot they are assigned to no later than the end of the day on June 12th.

Junior White Update from Coaches Alexis and Liam

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Jr White!

We’ve had a great week of practicing and getting ready for the Icebreaker. As returning swimmers know the Icebreaker is a lot of fun! We know that swim meets can be a confusing thing for new swimmers, so if you have any questions please email both and Emailing is the best way to reach us as we check it everyday.

We’ve done a lot of work on dives and turns, and we’re really looking forward to seeing it pay off this weekend!

Important reminder!!! Before we can go into the back field, we need everyone to start wearing runners and active clothing to activation. This is super important, and we really appreciate everyone who’s already been bringing runners to practice. Also, please bring a water bottle to practice, as the summer starts to heat up.

Great job this week!