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Junior Red Update from Coach Leo

July 14th, 2015 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner

Hi Junior Reds,

This week, we will review drills to fine tune the following areas as much as we can:

·         Free – crossover

·         Back – pulling with straight arms/kicking with low hips

·         Breast – Whip kick: knees too wide, Arms: low elbows

·         Fly – Timing and staying low

This long list requires ongoing practice and time before we perfect every single skill, but reviewing the drills this week will reinforce our stroke quality. Let’s keep strengthening our fundamentals with our goal times in mind.

The specific skill this week is faster flip turns and touch turns. Our goal for the WRASA Meet is to get off the walls much more quickly. See you this week!

Hootenany SOTM:

Intensity: Madeleine F

Technique: Josh N.

–          Madeleine balanced a quick turnover with efficient pull in the 50m Free. She did not let the intensity drop at any time and finished hard into the wall.

–          Josh paired his whip kick with the glide and did not rush his stroke in the 50m Breast. This allowed him travel more distance per stroke.


  • All-Star Speed Meet (July 15)
  • Challenge Week details will be posted on Friday (July 17)

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