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Junior White Hell Week Plan from Coaches Alexis and Liam

July 16th, 2015 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner
Starting Monday July 20th through Friday July 24th the Jr. Whites will be swimming their hardest week of the season, Hell Week! This week will be extra tough but we still expect 100% effort from everyone.
The theme for this week is “Shipwreck.” The swimmers were all on a boat which was ambushed by the evil pirates Long-John Liam and the Atrocious Alexis. The pirates have stolen their boat and abandoned the swimmers on a small island in the middle of the ocean. There are no rescue boats or land to be seen and the only way off the island is to swim all the way back to Richmond. From the island to Richmond is 6000 meters, can we make it back?
As an incentive to come to practices and work hard, the reward will be Scoops. The amount of Scoops a swimmer can get is based on the amount of practices they attend and effort exhibited at each practice. The criteria for to receive these ice cream scoops is as follows:
5 practices – 1 scoop
6 practices – 2 scoops + 1 topping
6 practices and attendance at the Triathlon OR Grouse Grind – 3 scoops + 2 toppings
6 practices, Triathlon, and Grouse Grind OR 100% effort at one – 3 scoops + 3 toppings
The Scoops party will be held the week following Hell Week. If your child has any allergies could you please email both Liam and I so we know exactly what to avoid buying.
All this information will be told to the swimmers in the next few practices and the Scoop criteria will be posted on the window outside the coaching office. Get ready for a tough, but fun, week!
Coach Alexis and Liam

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