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JD Olympics

July 26th, 2015 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner

JD Olympics week: Monday July 27th – Friday July 31st


Hello JDs and JD families… Welcome to JD Olympics week! This week is going to be filled with fun challenges and team competitions, a triathlon, some racing and relays, and much more, all concluded with our season windup/Olympic celebration in the backfield on Friday the 31st during our afternoon practice!


Instead of practicing with regular groups, new groups have been made that include JD swimmers of all levels – these new groups will be everyone’s teammates for the week! Each team will be lead by a JD coach, and on Monday the 27th between 4:30-5pm the teams will have a chance to get to know their teammates, create their team poster and team name, and discuss some challenges they might like to try in the upcoming week.


Our main reward for the JD Olympics will be scoops. Scoops can be earned for various reasons – team spirit, effort, attendance, winning challenges, etc… On Friday afternoon during our season windup, scoops can be traded in for ice cream, sprinkles, smarties, chocolate sauce, or other various toppings we might have. Typically the number of scoops everyone earns during the week will be divided in order to make their scoops smaller, so for example someone may earn 25 scoops but we would divide by 5 to leave them with 5 scoops, which could be used for 2 scoops of ice cream, 1 squirt of chocolate sauce, 1 spoon of smarties, and 1 spoon of sprinkles. Please bring your own bowls and spoons, and don’t worry about not having enough scoops at the end of the week, the coaches will make sure that everyone gets enough even after dividing to make them less!


As this is the last full week of practices for the season, please try to come to as many practices as possible – remember that attendance also counts towards scoops for your Olympic team!


Monday (4:30-6pm): Meet your Olympic teammates, choose your team name and make your poster, and begin Olympic training!

  • Please arrive at 4:30 as we plan on spending approximately the first 30 minutes making team posters and getting to know new teammates


Tuesday (5:45-7pm): Olympic training continues!

  • Practice time is per usual, please remember to please bring running shoes for the first 15 minutes of activation


Wednesday: Red & White Meet (club wide event)


Thursday (5:45-7pm): Training complete… Olympic challenge day begins!

  • Could include games during activation, swim races, relays, games, lung busters, kick competitions, penny dives, tiger sprints, activities of swimmers’ choice, and of course lots of cheering!


Friday (6:45-8am): JD Triathlon

• Please arrive no later than 6:50am as we will be organizing swimmers and setting up bikes in the back field, start time is planned for 7:05am

• JDs will be running and biking the loop behind the pool, and then swimming in the pool (distances TBA)

• We will be done by 8am as per usual practice schedule


Friday (time TBA, but will be around or during same time as practice): Season wind up in the backfield and celebration of the completion of JD Olympics

  • Families welcome!
  • Scoops will be rewarded (please bring your own bowl and spoon)

• Kigoos end of the season JD report cards will also be handed out

• Feel free to bring any snacks or dinner for yourself, and there might even be some more tasty food to share!




Coach Ian’s team

Jason R

Kenzie M

Elliot B

Xander W

Katie N

Sienna S

Sean J

Adam Z


Coach Sam’s team

Justin B

Keira I

Carson W

Eleanor B

Jacob S

Jake N

Colin N

Livia R


Coach Jacob’s team

Brodie N

Lucy R

Arthur B

Lucy D

Alexander H

Hayley B

Wynter S

Katie K


Coach Tamara’s team

Jenelle D

Brianna C

Tai P

Devon S-P

Michael C

Rebecca M

Sophie F

Tyler R


** After JD Olympics, our last practice will be Tuesday August 4th. It will be with everyone’s original summer coach and group, not with their Olympic team. **


We look forward to seeing you on deck this week, and good luck during JD Olympics! You guys have done awesome so far and improved so much, so we will end off our season with a fun filled 5 days to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments! 

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