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Junior Red Update from Coach Leo

July 29th, 2015 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner

Hi Junior Reds, 

A quick update as we enter our final 1.5 weeks this season. Great job this week. Was it a challenge to execute the technique consistently every time? Whether it is holding your streamline, finishing your pull, timing your touch turns into the walls, or keeping your head down for the breakout and finish, our priority is to catch the water so that we go forward while minimizing drag. For the remainder of this week, we will continue to increase our stroke rate. Next week, we will practice our dives and turns. Remember to stay hydrated and relaxed. See you this week! 

SOTW (100% challenge week completed. Find out tonight):
???, ?????, ??????, ???????, ???????, ?????????, ??????? 

SOTM (Surrey): Sherea L. & Adrian C. 

  • Sherea kept her head low to the water surface when breathing and kept her arms close to the body when pulling in 50m free, resulting in a more streamlined body position and a quicker pull.
  • Adrian was consistent in his underwater dolphin kick 50m back and increased his kick. He conserved his speed from the wall and maintained it. resulting in a more efficient stroke.

– Regional Events will be confirmed with swimmer and parents via email (July 29 & 30)
– Red & White Meet (July 29, 4:45pm-8pm)

–  Scoops Reward (July 31, 5pm-6pm, Steveston Pool)

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