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Tsuanami Winter Swimming – Now Open to All Swimmers

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Tsunami (Kigoos Winter Swimming Maintenance) registration is now open for all swimmers.


Please note that our Junior Development program (approx. ages 5-8 years) is currently full, but we will be taking names for the waiting list.  Our Junior, Intermediate and Senior Divisions currently have limited space.  Your child will have a swimming assessment just prior to starting the program (October) to determine their appropriate level.  Once you have completed the on-line registration form, you will be notified in a few days whether you are to complete the registration process or are on the waiting list.

Fees are $200 per swimmer (same as last year).  All new swimmers must also pay a $35 insurance fee.  Families new to Kigoos must also pay a $200 deposit on their Kigoos 2016 fees as a sign of good faith of joining the program in the summer .

Tsunami is run out of Watermania from the first weekend in October until the end of March.

The coaching staff is still to be determined.

Swim sessions will be on Saturdays and Sundays.  The tentative schedule is:

JD – 4:45-6pm

Juniors White/Red – 5:45-7pm

Intermediates White/Red 6:45-8pm

Seniors White/Red 7:45-9pm

Part of the registration for Tsunami online.  In order to complete registration you must complete the online form AND paper forms (for new swimmers, please see update on initial registration details).  Once confirmed, new swimmers must also complete the insurance form on paper and submit a copy of birth certificate / care card (these both may be scanned and sent via email).


CURRENT KIGOOS SIBLINGS FORM – Siblings must also complete this form on paper.

NEW KIGOOS SWIMMERS FORM  – New swimmers must also complete this form on paper.

With any questions please contact Kelian Armstrong, our Tsunami Registrar at

Some Final Thoughts from Coach Ava

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That’s a wrap! I am so extremely proud of how all of you swam throughout the season. All of you improved tremendously as athletes both physically and mentally, which was wonderful to watch!

Regionals was a fantastic meet for us (we won!), so congratulations to all of you who participated that weekend. I would also like to send out a big congratulations to all of our Provincial Qualifiers, and to those who actually swam this past weekend at the provincial meet. Provincials are always exciting, but this year I saw some of the best swimming I’ve seen yet- way to go, guys! We had 5 of our relays medal on Friday, and 5 again on Saturday, with 6 of those medals being gold! There were records broken, outside snipes, and some major TSN turning points!

As you guys know, this was my last season with the Kigoos and what a season it was! While I am extremely sad about leaving, I am also bursting with happiness about how this season went, and how my time with the Kigoos has been. As a swimmer, I would look forward to May 1st every year because that is when summer began, when I would get to set foot back on deck at Steveston Pool, find out who my coach would be, and be reunited with all of the people that I would be spending the next four months with, day in and day out. As a coach, I looked forward to May 1st for different reasons; how tall did you all get? Who’s voice dropped? How did my group look? How did the team look? For over a decade my year has been clearly divided into summer (May 1st to the end of Provincials) and all those other seasons. Thinking forward to next year, I think that I will probably have some sort of crisis on May 1st when I realize that it’s not in fact summer yet, that I’m not allowed to swim at outdoor pools yet, and most importantly that I won’t get to see all of you! From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank each and every one of you from Tater Tots up to Senior for being such a hugely important part of my life. You have all had your little impacts on the way that I think, the way that I look at the world, and the way that I approach situations (and the way that I dance), and for that I cannot thank you enough!

I hope that you all have an amazing school year, and that you keep swimming for the rest of your lives! Kigoos is one of the best things that will ever happen to you regardless of how fast or slow you are, I promise. Now, there is no way that I will be able to stay fully out of the loop, so I will definitely be popping in from time to time, and you bet that I’ll be wanting to know “what’s new and cool”. Until then I will miss you all dearly! Thank you for such a great run!

JD Season Ending Post from Coach Julia

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Well Kigoos, that’s a wrap for the JD season! Thanks to everyone who made this summer the success that it was… parents, coaches, and CITs – we couldn’t have done it without your help, time, and effort!

The JD Coordinator position was new to the club this summer so I learned a lot as the season progressed, and really enjoyed doing something a little different this time around! It was a great experience which I’m thankful I was able to have, and it also gave me the opportunity to develop more of a connection with the JD parents, which I really appreciated.

All the JD swimmers did a great job and should be proud of themselves – there was lots of improvement especially near the end of the season, and many swimmers became way more confident in their own abilities, which was great to see! I hope many of you will continue on with swimming as it’s a great life skill and our Tsunami program is a helpful way to maintain and build upon the skills learned this summer.

Thanks again to those of you who came out to the picnic tonight, and also for the gift that I received last week. It was very thoughtful and I will for sure make use of it! As for now, enjoy the rest of your summer and good luck to those who are continuing on to Provincials!

See you next at the banquet in September!

Kigoos Scholarship Winners Announced!

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 Congratulations to:   Frankie Lui, Ryan Lam and Maya Fograscher (pictured here with Coach Ava)

scholarship winners
Frank, Ryan and Maya are the first set of Kigoos scholarship winners.  The Kigoos will annually present scholarships to current and former students pursuing post secondary education.

Junior Red Blog Post – For Coach Leo

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Hi Junior Reds,

I hope you enjoyed your time this summer swim season. For those who have been with Kigoos, I hope you learned something new about swimming and racing. For those who joined us this year, did you enjoy making posters for Ice Breaker, watching Inside Out, playing tag at Splashtastic Pool Party, marching in the Canada parade, hiking the Grouse Grind, hanging out at Pasta Night, and so much more?

It was a privilege to be your coach and I had a great time. I hope I was able to share my passion of competitive swimming and deepen your interest in swimming. Don’t forget the keywords we talked about: keep practicing towards efficient strokes by staying low when breathing, countering pause with quick stroke rate, and maintaining speed with underwater dolphin kicks and breakouts. Doing these once is not enough though… you must be consistent especially when you’re tired! Always hold the water and pull with power and intensity. Finally, I hope you will swim with confidence as you continue to build on the things we practiced.

See you all at the Kigoos Club Picnic this Wednesday. I will hand out your Time Sheet to you then.

Thank you Junior Red Swimmers and Parents,

Coach Leo

JR Red Points Earned Summary (May – Aug 2015):

Div 1G: 827

Div 1B: 371

Div 2G: 192

Div 2B: 390

Div 3B: 6

O Cat 1: 325



Head Coach Update from Coach Ava – Getting Ready for Regionals!

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Hello Kigoos! Can you believe that Regionals is this weekend?! I have some extremely important information that I want to share with you all:

  • Your nutrition and rest are very important elements when it comes to the outcome of your races. Make sure that throughout this week and during the meet you are hydrating with water, eating lots of fruits and vegetables, and getting lots of sleep!

  • Relays will be posted at the pool on Wednesday. Please make sure that you check the relays and arrange to be at the meet to swim it. Being on a relay at Regionals is a huge privilege and should be taken seriously. The relays have been created based on times, and have been reviewed thoroughly in order to ensure the best possible combinations.
    • Please note that relays at Regionals go straight to finals, unless there is more than one heat in prelims. In other words, if you are on a relay, you must stick around until after finals to swim. 
    • If you have been placed on a relay for Regionals, you must swim this relay. No absences will be tolerated.

  • Do not “dog” heats. All swimmers should swim their best during both heats and then again in finals. You never know who could bump you out of a spot for finals and you do not want to be left wishing you would have put more effort in.

  • Let’s all wear our tie-dyed t-shirts for Saturday at Regionals. Our team spirit needs to be top notch for this meet! Get ready to cheer loud, and to support your teammates! Finals at Regionals are especially exciting. Even if you do not qualify for finals, stick around the pool deck so that you do not miss the excitement!

  • Please wear your Kigoos swim caps during your races. This helps coaches find you in the pool, and also represents the team! Think of your Kigoos cap as the equivalent of a team jersey- you wouldn’t play a game without it.

  • If you know that you will not be attending Provincials in Victoria, but you think that you will be a qualifier, please notify Coach Ava immediately.

  • We have 140 swimmers entered in close to 600 events this weekend, this is HUGE! Get pumped up!!!!!!!! Give every single race your 100%.

“Gold medals aren’t really made of gold. They’re made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.”  -Dan Gable


Junior Red Update from Coach Leo

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Hi Junior Reds,

Regionals is here! Remember to stay hydrated and relaxed. Think about the tips we talked about, visualize your strong strokes and your quickness off the walls, and have fun at Pasta night together. I am very happy to have the privilege to coach you this season. 

This week, we will do dives, turns, and relay takeovers. Rest well and let’s bring all our intensity and energy this weekend. See you this week!

Pasta Night (Aug 6Thursday)

JD Update from Coach Julia – Including Triathlon Results

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Hello JDs, congratulations on completing an awesome Olympic challenge week! You guys swam through the tougher practices, rocked the triathlon, and earned bonus scoops with your Olympic teams based on challenges during the week… great job!! Our race day on Friday involved a little more shuffling around than anticipated, but in the end everyone had a blast and we ended the day off with a yummy bowl of ice cream to celebrate.  Thank you to all of those who helped out to make the week a success!

This upcoming Tuesday the 4th marks our final JD practice of the year, and it will be lead by everyone’s original coach to give swimmers the chance to be with their own coaches and groups once more before the season is done. It will also give swimmers the chance to pick up their “swim card” from their coach if they have not yet already done so. Thursday the 6th is Pasta Night, and JDs are more than welcome to attend that event as well. Best of luck to the JDs swimming at Regionals too!

It has been a great season and I’ve really enjoyed being a part of it, it’s hard to believe it’s winding down already! I look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday at 5:45pm – please try to come to practice as it will be our last one!

Here are the times for those of you who completed the triathlon – we were blown away by how speedy everyone was and the event ran very smoothly, thanks again to all the parents, coaches, and volunteers who helped out!

JD Red, White, and Blue did 1 running lap, 2 biking laps, and 300m swimming

• Jason R: 23:27

• Justin B: 22:09

• Kenzie M: 24:07

• Keira I: 23:27

• Jenelle D: 25:25

• Brodie N: 25:10

• Tai P: 25:25

• Lucy R: 28:45

• Devon S-P: 22:06

• Katie N: 27:17

• Jake N: 25:05

• Sienna S: 30:29

• Colin N: 25:25

• Rebecca M: 29:50

• Sophie F: 27:44


JD Turquoise did 1 running lap, 2 biking laps, and 200m swimming

• Tyler R: 26:01

• Katie K: 29:54

• Sean J: 25:25

• Livia R: 28:37

Tsunami Registration for Existing Kigoos

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Tsunami (Winter Swimming Maintenance) registration is now open for all current Kigoos swimmers and siblings (contingent on passing assessment).

Fees are $200 per swimmer (same as last year).  All siblings must also pay a $35 insurance fee.  If swimmers are currently in Tater Tots they have already paid their insurance and DO NOT have to pay the insurance fee.   Tsunami is run out of Watermania from Thanksgiving until mid March.

The coaching staff still to be determined.

Swim sessions will be on Saturdays and Sundays.  The tentative schedule is:

JD – 4:45-6pm

Junior Red / White – 5:45-7pm

Intermediate Red / White 6:45-8pm

Senior  7:45-9pm

The registration for Tsunami is online.  In order to be registered you must complete the online form AND submit your cheque.  For siblings they must also complete the insurance form on paper and submit a copy of birth certificate / care card.

Please note Tater-Tots complete the “Current Kigoos Swimmers Form” but are subject to an assessment prior to the program.


CURRENT KIGOOS SIBLINGS FORM – Siblings must also complete this form on paper.

Information for NEW FAMILIES wanting to register will be out next week.

Any questions?  Please contact Kelian Armstrong, our Tsunami Registrar at