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JD Update from Coach Julia – Including Triathlon Results

August 2nd, 2015 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner

Hello JDs, congratulations on completing an awesome Olympic challenge week! You guys swam through the tougher practices, rocked the triathlon, and earned bonus scoops with your Olympic teams based on challenges during the week… great job!! Our race day on Friday involved a little more shuffling around than anticipated, but in the end everyone had a blast and we ended the day off with a yummy bowl of ice cream to celebrate.  Thank you to all of those who helped out to make the week a success!

This upcoming Tuesday the 4th marks our final JD practice of the year, and it will be lead by everyone’s original coach to give swimmers the chance to be with their own coaches and groups once more before the season is done. It will also give swimmers the chance to pick up their “swim card” from their coach if they have not yet already done so. Thursday the 6th is Pasta Night, and JDs are more than welcome to attend that event as well. Best of luck to the JDs swimming at Regionals too!

It has been a great season and I’ve really enjoyed being a part of it, it’s hard to believe it’s winding down already! I look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday at 5:45pm – please try to come to practice as it will be our last one!

Here are the times for those of you who completed the triathlon – we were blown away by how speedy everyone was and the event ran very smoothly, thanks again to all the parents, coaches, and volunteers who helped out!

JD Red, White, and Blue did 1 running lap, 2 biking laps, and 300m swimming

• Jason R: 23:27

• Justin B: 22:09

• Kenzie M: 24:07

• Keira I: 23:27

• Jenelle D: 25:25

• Brodie N: 25:10

• Tai P: 25:25

• Lucy R: 28:45

• Devon S-P: 22:06

• Katie N: 27:17

• Jake N: 25:05

• Sienna S: 30:29

• Colin N: 25:25

• Rebecca M: 29:50

• Sophie F: 27:44


JD Turquoise did 1 running lap, 2 biking laps, and 200m swimming

• Tyler R: 26:01

• Katie K: 29:54

• Sean J: 25:25

• Livia R: 28:37

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