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Junior Red Blog Post – For Coach Leo

August 11th, 2015 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner

Hi Junior Reds,

I hope you enjoyed your time this summer swim season. For those who have been with Kigoos, I hope you learned something new about swimming and racing. For those who joined us this year, did you enjoy making posters for Ice Breaker, watching Inside Out, playing tag at Splashtastic Pool Party, marching in the Canada parade, hiking the Grouse Grind, hanging out at Pasta Night, and so much more?

It was a privilege to be your coach and I had a great time. I hope I was able to share my passion of competitive swimming and deepen your interest in swimming. Don’t forget the keywords we talked about: keep practicing towards efficient strokes by staying low when breathing, countering pause with quick stroke rate, and maintaining speed with underwater dolphin kicks and breakouts. Doing these once is not enough though… you must be consistent especially when you’re tired! Always hold the water and pull with power and intensity. Finally, I hope you will swim with confidence as you continue to build on the things we practiced.

See you all at the Kigoos Club Picnic this Wednesday. I will hand out your Time Sheet to you then.

Thank you Junior Red Swimmers and Parents,

Coach Leo

JR Red Points Earned Summary (May – Aug 2015):

Div 1G: 827

Div 1B: 371

Div 2G: 192

Div 2B: 390

Div 3B: 6

O Cat 1: 325



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