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Junior Red Update from Coach Colette

May 29th, 2016 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on Junior Red Update from Coach Colette)

Hi Junior Red Swimmers and Parents,


The Icebreaker is coming up next weekend and I have a few quick messages for you guys:


  • First, this week we finished off phase 1 of our training cycle (which was more drills and technique work) and began phase 2 of it (which is more aerobic work, and longer, tougher sets). Swimmers will find that they are generally more tired after practices, but this is all part of my season plan so that they can reach their peak performance by Regionals and Provincials.
  • Second, as we are now beginning to compete, swimmers will have to hand in some goals to me. I was unable to figure out how to attach my goal sheet to this document, so here are the instructions: Please write out three separate goals that you have with regard to the upcoming swimming season. Along with each goal, please include a brief explanation of how you plan to achieve the goal. The ‘how’ is the most important parts of this assignment! Please make sure your goals are specific, measurable, and realistic! I would like these goals handed in to me by this Friday June 3rd.
  • g. Goal: To make provincials in 50 Breastroke

How: I will make sure that I finish my Breastroke kick with my feet touching together at the end of every kick, and that I glide for 1-2 seconds every time I take a stroke in a tight streamline.

  • Finally, a lot of us are getting into the habit of this, but some swimmers are still forgetting: please try your best to bring a water bottle on deck with you to every practice!

Thank you so much and see you at the pool!

Colette Summers

Kigoos Updates – May 27th – Breakfast tomorrow!

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The Kigoos Breakfast is tomorrow (Saturday) at South Arm Pool beginning at 9:00.  There is no cost but you need to have pre-ordered. Breakfast will be served at 9:30.  As is customary at Kigoos events, please bring plates and cutlery.
In addition to the swap meet, and Yingfa Sale previously advertised, the Kigoos Swim Shop will also be open with great deals:
Kigoos Swim Shop Sale Saturday May 28th at 9:30-11:30am.  Show your Kigoo pride and get your Kigoo Dry Fit T-shirts, long sleeve cotton shirts, hoodies, sweats, zip hoodies and more.  Previous stock on discounted prices and an opportunity to order new Kigoo wear.  All Adult XL items are on sale for $5 so shop now for Father’s Day!  We accept cash or cheque only.
Swimmers will be in the water for some of the time and also will be making posters for the IceBreaker Meet.  They will be using paint so should dress accordingly.

1)  You can know sign-up for all weekend swim meets on the website.  We were able to extend the deadline for the IceBreaker but we won’t for other meets.  Please pay close attention to when you must sign-up.  It is typically 2 weeks before an event.
New News:
1)  As you know the current practice schedule goes until June 10th – we then move all our practices to Minoru for the remainder of June.  The schedule for June 13th – June 30th has now been posted HERE.
2)  This Sunday night at 6:30 pm at Steveston Community Centre will be our final planning meeting for the IceBreaker Meet – all parents are welcome to attend.
3)  Look for the volunteer sign-up information to come out this weekend for IceBreaker – we will need to have all parents helping out.
We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow – and it is great to see we have over 150 swimmers signed-up for IceBreaker next weekend!

Update from Head Coach Emmy

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Good work this week Kigoos!

I hope everyone has settled in to the schedule and is getting used to practicing at Minoru. Last week senior blue’s focus was breaststroke. We worked on all components of breaststroke with an emphasis on the in sweep of the pull, using the elbows to lift up to breathe, rather than leading with the head. We also worked on extending our pull outs off the wall. Senior Blue’s goal for week three was tight streamlines off every wall because “a tight streamline is a right streamline!” While senior blue displayed great work in the pool last week, the groups overall attendance was not impressive. I know that everyone is busy and it may be challenging to get to the pool, but attending only one or two practices a week greatly limits success and improvement in the pool. Remember the best way (and perhaps only way) to improve your swimming is to actually SWIM, so attending only a couple practices a week will make achieving best times very challenging…especially with the Ice breaker less than two weeks away! I would like to see everyone at a minimum of three practices over the next couple of weeks as we prepare for ice breaker.


This week the senior blue’s are working on butterfly with an emphasis on body position. Our goal for the week is “head first” meaning that the head must lift for a breath during butterfly before the hands exit, and must enter the water again before the hands. We have six practices left this week and I hope to see everyone there!


With the first swim meet of the year right around the corner I would like to remind everyone of the swim meet protocol. Firstly, I would like to encourage everyone to attend as many meets as possible! Meets are fun, exciting and a great way to bond with team mates. I would like to remind everyone to please respect the meet deadlines and sign up on time. The coaches have a deadline, which the entries have to be submitted by, and it is not always guaranteed that late entries will be accepted, so please sign up on time! If you have to scratch from a meet please let me know ASAP. In regards to scratches, it is very important that you notify me ahead of time so that I can plan relays accordingly. Remember that if you pull your child from a relay, you are taking away the opportunity for three other swimmers to participate in the relay. Once the relay cards are handed in at the beginning of the meet, no other alternates will be allowed to swim in place of a missing swimmer. All relay scratches must be indicated before the day of the meet, preferably in the comments section of the meet sign up. Lastly, a validation sheet will be posted and/or emailed before the meet. Please contact your swimmers coach and myself as soon as possible if you notice a mistake. Changes will only be considered if a mistake was made by the coach. For example:

  • Entry on the wrong day
  • Entry in too little events/too many events
  • Entry in wrong division

Remember coaches have the final say in all events! The deadline to sign up for the ice breaker is this Friday. I hope to see everyone’s Kigoos spirit at our home meet!

Intermediate White Update from Coach Alexis

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Hi Intermediate Whites!

Icebreaker is right around the corner, I hope we’re all excited!
It’s been a great first few weeks and I’m super happy with the amount of you who have been coming to practices, keep up the great attendance! These first few weeks we have been focusing and lot on the basic skills and progressions to get our technique back after the school year. We will be continuing to work on a lot of drills and turns in these coming weeks as well as adding more fitness aspects to the practices. This means more distance swimming so come prepared with water at every practice!
It’s been great seeing you all at practice and I hope to see all of you this week too. Also, if you haven’t handed your goal sheet back to me please bring it to the next practice you attend. See you on the pool deck!
– Coach Alexis

Intermediate Red Update from Coach Liam

May 25th, 2016 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on Intermediate Red Update from Coach Liam)
We’ve had a very successful first couple of weeks, and with Icebreaker almost here I just wanted to get some things out of the way. Firstly thank you to all the swimmers that have been making the effort to get out to practice as much as possible. I realize the pool situation is not ideal for all families, especially with school still in session. Please continue to try to make it out to as many days as possible!
For those whom I haven’t had the pleasure to meet, I swam with the Kigoos as a junior and continued on with the Rapids until the end of high school. I’m currently studying at the University of British Columbia. If you have any questions or feedback please feel free to email me or talk to me outside of  practice.
A little bit about my coaching philosophy heading into this season, when I was planning out the season I tried my best to find the things that helped make me successful as an intermediate aged swimmer. One of the biggest inspirations that helped me focus in on my training was a quote from legendary swim coach Dick Jochums, “If you measure you success by your physical and mental effort, you will never waiver from the truth of your performance”. Long story short I don’t care for results, I care about the process. If you are prepared to the best of your ability, and you leave it all in the pool, I consider that a success. Results come as a function of the process. That means a commitment to giving your best in training. You take out what you put in.
We’re going to continue on with some hard work this week before easing off a little next week in preparation for the racing season to start. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone can do in the pool!
-Coach Liam

Kigoos Updates for May 24th

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1)  In the earlier note re:  Salt Spring – we will still be booking camping space as a club, for “camping plans” we just need to know numbers so we can plan appropriately. You do not need to book camping space individually.
1)  We have been asked by the City to remind our families there are no dogs allowed in the South Arm building and park.  Also, rollerbladers must remove their rollerblades and bikers must dismount before entering the South Arm facility.
2)  We are hoping for a few more swimmers to sign-up for the Ice Breaker at Watermania next weekend.  We have extended the sign-up (HERE) to Friday at noon.  While you are signing up, please also sign-up for the Boundary Bay Meet the following week – other meets will be added soon.
3)  This Wednesday (tomorrow) is the Parent Orientation at 4:30 at South Arm Pool.  HERE is also the information from the previous Notifier.  This is a great session for new and returning families to get the scoop on what is coming ahead.
4)  Next Monday to Wednesday (May 30 – June 1) are the Stroke and Turn Clinics for parents.  HERE is all the information.  This is a great way to be involved at swim meets – you see the action close-up, get well fed and earn your parent participation hours.
5)  This weekend the Kigoos Breakfast (see below) replaces the JD Practices on Saturday morning.  Weekend practices on Saturday at Watermania for other groups will continue.  All groups will have their final weekend practices this Sunday at South Arm (JD) and Watermania (all other groups).
The Kigoos Breakfast is this Saturday, May 28th from 9:00 – 11:30
The event will include breakfast, handing out caps and t-shirts and an open swim and is a great way for new and returning families to connect.  Also at the breakfast . . . .
1)  Gear Swap –  Bring your gently used swim gear to donate, swap or sell to other Kigoos families.  We will have a table set up at breakfast and you can come and mingle with other parents and trade/sell swim items.  All of our kids are growing at a rapid rate and this is a great way for us to share items and save a little money while we’re at it.  If you want to sell your items, it will be up to you to coordinate the sale.   Thanks to Chandra and Nicole for organizing this.
2)  Yingfa Closing Out Sale – Are you looking for a great deal on suits and goggles?  Yingfa will be coming to the breakfast to sell off their remaining inventory – this is your last chance for these deals.  They have about 300 suits, some parkas and lots of Goggles.  The Yingfa sale (George’s daughter is coming) will be from 9:30 – 11:00
3)  Breakfast Orders – Breakfast is included for all family members!  We will have a waffle, 2 sausages and hot chocolate  / coffee.  We need to an accurate food total – Please complete this FORM indicating how many from your family will be joining us for breakfast.  The Deadline is8 pm tomorrow, May 25th.
4)  Volunteers – we need helpers for the breakfast this Saturday.  Please email Nancy at if you are able to help.

Parent Orientation – Wednesday, May 25th

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Attention new parents (and great for returning parents as well):

We will be holding an information session on Wednesday, May 25th at 4:30 p.m. at South Arm pool. Now that practices are in full swing, this is a great chance to get the inside scoop on what goes on during a swim meet and how to sign up for and achieve your volunteer hours. Bring all your burning questions and New Parent Liaison, Kelly Reynolds, Volunteer Coordinator, Megan Zeni and Head Coach, Emmy Obedkoff will guide you through it all. You can also earn a parent participation hour just by attending!

This is not just open to new parents but any parents who might have questions or need a refresher.

You can expect to learn (among other things):

  1. Food for meets – what to bring, what’s provided.
    2. What else to bring to meets.
    3. Kigoos Icebreaker Meet – what to expect.
  2. What to expect from other meets.
    5. Checking in with coaches re: what meet days to attend, Junior Development meets, etc.
  3. What jobs are available for volunteering and how to fill out the parent participation form.
    7. General Q&A and more.

    For any parents who would like to attend but have schedule conflicts, we will be sending out a recap via email and feel free to send any further questions to Kelly at kellyandjames@telus.netor Megan at

Senior Red Update from Coach Brandon

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Hey, Kigoos!
Keep up the amazing effort that myself and all of the coaches have been seeing. I know times may be a little stressful with school and other activities but the effort to manage all of these things has been amazing. The swim meet season is just around the corner so keep coming to practice and keep working hard in your groups.
To my Senior Reds,
The month of May has been an extraordinary start to this summer season as attendance has been constant and the effort that we all have been giving in practice is amazing. Let’s remember what we are going to buy into and let’s keep up the hard work we have been giving in practice. The attention to detail with technical things have been so perfect it’s unreal. The way we have been motivating each other to be better has been so inspiring for me as a swim coach and I just wanted to say I couldn’t ask for the better start to the season.
A couple of things from me; A notifier recently just went out informing you about Salt Spring and how we have to register by this Friday in order to figure out the numbers for the campsite. Salt Spring is a meet for typically for DIV. 5 and up swimmers and it’s a great time for the senior group to bond as a whole. So I really recommend looking into signing up for Salt Spring, I will talk about it more at practice. Also, this year our posters and cheers night has turned into a posters and cheers breakfast. It’s at South Arm on Saturday, May 29 from 9:00-11:30 AM. There is no practice that day but there is regular practice on Sunday. As seniors, I would like everyone to be there and if you can’t make it please let me know at practice or send me an email to tell me.
Thanks! Hope to see everyone at the pool!
Coach Brandon

Senior White Update from Coach Michael

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Hello Senior Whites!

My Name Is Michael Jakac-Sinclair and this is my first year coaching for the Richmond Kigoos and I am very excited to coach Senior White this year. For some background information about myself; I swam competitively for 11 years, with the Vancouver Vikings, Richmond Rapids, and the Canadian Dolphins Swim Club. Through the years I became a sprint focused swimmer more so in the sprint freestyle. I have won gold at multiple Provincials, competed at multiple Western Canadian Championships, won gold at the Canadian Age Group Nationals in the medley relay and a Provincial record holder in the medley relay also. I am super excited to get started and build to reach our goals for this 2016 summer season. This fall I will be studying at Carleton University for the Political Sciences program.

For the beginning of the season, since this is my first year with the Kigoos, I will be seeing where everyone’s fitness and stroke levels are at. Therefore, the portion of our first couple of practices will be focusing on fitness levels and technique work. Additionally, emphasize working on the little things, such as break outs, turns, underwater kick, and feeling pure speed. However really trying to get a cohesive environment between being competitive, working hard, and most importantly having fun. The main goal as a coach I have for the summer is helping the Senior Whites get to there goal. Whether that is getting a time they want, competing at provincials, completing and competing in a harder race, or fitness levels; I am here to help everyone get to their goal. All I want is 100% in and I’ll give 100% out!

Its going to be a fun summer and can’t wait to fully get started.

Michael Jakac-Sinclair

Salt Spring Island – Time Sensitive

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We have a bit of a time crunch with planning for the Salt Spring Island Swim Meet as it is two weeks earlier than this year.  This meet is open to swimmers in division 5 and above and their families.  With the scheduling for this year, families would likely take the ferry over on Friday July 8th and return and Sunday July 10th.
For families not attending – there is a local meet at Watermania that weekend.
You must register by this Friday to attend the Salt Spring Island Meet.  Please complete the form on the Swim Meet sign-up page HERE.  Please include your camping plans in the Comments section with total numbers from families attending.  Swimmers cannot go unsupervised.  Parent(s) need to attend, or plans need to be made clear of who is the parent-designate for the swimmer for the weekend.
We need this information to make camping and ferry arrangements.
If you have any questions – please contact Zoë at