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Senior Red Update from Coach Brandon

May 24th, 2016 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner
Hey, Kigoos!
Keep up the amazing effort that myself and all of the coaches have been seeing. I know times may be a little stressful with school and other activities but the effort to manage all of these things has been amazing. The swim meet season is just around the corner so keep coming to practice and keep working hard in your groups.
To my Senior Reds,
The month of May has been an extraordinary start to this summer season as attendance has been constant and the effort that we all have been giving in practice is amazing. Let’s remember what we are going to buy into and let’s keep up the hard work we have been giving in practice. The attention to detail with technical things have been so perfect it’s unreal. The way we have been motivating each other to be better has been so inspiring for me as a swim coach and I just wanted to say I couldn’t ask for the better start to the season.
A couple of things from me; A notifier recently just went out informing you about Salt Spring and how we have to register by this Friday in order to figure out the numbers for the campsite. Salt Spring is a meet for typically for DIV. 5 and up swimmers and it’s a great time for the senior group to bond as a whole. So I really recommend looking into signing up for Salt Spring, I will talk about it more at practice. Also, this year our posters and cheers night has turned into a posters and cheers breakfast. It’s at South Arm on Saturday, May 29 from 9:00-11:30 AM. There is no practice that day but there is regular practice on Sunday. As seniors, I would like everyone to be there and if you can’t make it please let me know at practice or send me an email to tell me.
Thanks! Hope to see everyone at the pool!
Coach Brandon

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