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Update from Head Coach Emmy

May 25th, 2016 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner

Good work this week Kigoos!

I hope everyone has settled in to the schedule and is getting used to practicing at Minoru. Last week senior blue’s focus was breaststroke. We worked on all components of breaststroke with an emphasis on the in sweep of the pull, using the elbows to lift up to breathe, rather than leading with the head. We also worked on extending our pull outs off the wall. Senior Blue’s goal for week three was tight streamlines off every wall because “a tight streamline is a right streamline!” While senior blue displayed great work in the pool last week, the groups overall attendance was not impressive. I know that everyone is busy and it may be challenging to get to the pool, but attending only one or two practices a week greatly limits success and improvement in the pool. Remember the best way (and perhaps only way) to improve your swimming is to actually SWIM, so attending only a couple practices a week will make achieving best times very challenging…especially with the Ice breaker less than two weeks away! I would like to see everyone at a minimum of three practices over the next couple of weeks as we prepare for ice breaker.


This week the senior blue’s are working on butterfly with an emphasis on body position. Our goal for the week is “head first” meaning that the head must lift for a breath during butterfly before the hands exit, and must enter the water again before the hands. We have six practices left this week and I hope to see everyone there!


With the first swim meet of the year right around the corner I would like to remind everyone of the swim meet protocol. Firstly, I would like to encourage everyone to attend as many meets as possible! Meets are fun, exciting and a great way to bond with team mates. I would like to remind everyone to please respect the meet deadlines and sign up on time. The coaches have a deadline, which the entries have to be submitted by, and it is not always guaranteed that late entries will be accepted, so please sign up on time! If you have to scratch from a meet please let me know ASAP. In regards to scratches, it is very important that you notify me ahead of time so that I can plan relays accordingly. Remember that if you pull your child from a relay, you are taking away the opportunity for three other swimmers to participate in the relay. Once the relay cards are handed in at the beginning of the meet, no other alternates will be allowed to swim in place of a missing swimmer. All relay scratches must be indicated before the day of the meet, preferably in the comments section of the meet sign up. Lastly, a validation sheet will be posted and/or emailed before the meet. Please contact your swimmers coach and myself as soon as possible if you notice a mistake. Changes will only be considered if a mistake was made by the coach. For example:

  • Entry on the wrong day
  • Entry in too little events/too many events
  • Entry in wrong division

Remember coaches have the final say in all events! The deadline to sign up for the ice breaker is this Friday. I hope to see everyone’s Kigoos spirit at our home meet!

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