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Junior Red Update from Coach Colette

May 29th, 2016 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner

Hi Junior Red Swimmers and Parents,


The Icebreaker is coming up next weekend and I have a few quick messages for you guys:


  • First, this week we finished off phase 1 of our training cycle (which was more drills and technique work) and began phase 2 of it (which is more aerobic work, and longer, tougher sets). Swimmers will find that they are generally more tired after practices, but this is all part of my season plan so that they can reach their peak performance by Regionals and Provincials.
  • Second, as we are now beginning to compete, swimmers will have to hand in some goals to me. I was unable to figure out how to attach my goal sheet to this document, so here are the instructions: Please write out three separate goals that you have with regard to the upcoming swimming season. Along with each goal, please include a brief explanation of how you plan to achieve the goal. The ‘how’ is the most important parts of this assignment! Please make sure your goals are specific, measurable, and realistic! I would like these goals handed in to me by this Friday June 3rd.
  • g. Goal: To make provincials in 50 Breastroke

How: I will make sure that I finish my Breastroke kick with my feet touching together at the end of every kick, and that I glide for 1-2 seconds every time I take a stroke in a tight streamline.

  • Finally, a lot of us are getting into the habit of this, but some swimmers are still forgetting: please try your best to bring a water bottle on deck with you to every practice!

Thank you so much and see you at the pool!

Colette Summers

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