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Senior White Update from Coach Michael

June 9th, 2016 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner

Hello All Senior Whites and Parents!

I hope all is going well with the last days of school counting down until summer! I know Provincial exams are coming up soon for some, and I wish all the best of luck for those taking the exam.

On a swimming standpoint, our first meet was right where I thought we would be; we raced, and competed hard, and we have a lot to work on. Which is alright! We as a group need to really focus hard on bringing the same focus on technical aspects in a race as we do in practice. Furthermore we need to focus on how we attack our races, not just shutting down and moving our arms everywhere, yet being in control of the whole race. On the other hand, I am very excited to move forward to more swim meets to consistently improve throughout our season.

As said before the next couple of weeks will be focused on endurance with a lot of focus on technique. I am very happy to say that our group attendance has been the most consistent it has ever been, and I know when more people show up with 100% effort, we end up doing great things in practice which translates into meets. Hence getting one step closer to your goals whatever they might be.

Keep up the fantastic work Senior Whites!


Mike J-S

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