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Super 7 Timers, Warm-Ups and July Practice Schedule

June 21st, 2016 | Posted by kigooswm in Notifier

Three important items for today:

1)  The timing sheets are now posted HERE for the Super 7 Meet on Saturday and Sunday at Watermania.  We have a number of shifts to cover – please sign-up.  Also, please be sure not to erase others who have already filled in the form.

2)  The following are warm-up times for this weekend:


7:45-8:20: JR R, JR W, INT W, INT R

8:05-8:40: SR B, SR W, SR R

deep pool: JR R, INT W, SR B, SR W

shallow pool: JR W, INT R, SR R



7:45-8:20: JR W, JR R

8:05-8:40: INT W, INT R, SR B, SR W, SR R

deep pool: JR W, INT R, SR R

shallow pool: JR R, INT W, SR B, SR W

3)  The practice schedule for July has now been posted HERE.  Please make careful note of Minoru and Watermania pool times.  The number of hours in the water is consistent (actually slightly higher) than in past years.  Our JD swimmers have 5 hours of practice a week, Juniors have 6 and Intermediates and Seniors have 8.  If you have any questions please ask your group coach or Head Coach Emmy

Thanks everyone for your patience and understanding as the pool renovations continue at Steveston Pool.  A particular thanks to Rosie Nickerson who acts on our behalf working with the City and to Emmy who has had to continue to recreate practice schedules as we negotiated pool space with the City.  While it is disappointing that the project is still not completed at Steveston, the staff at the City responsible for pool allocations have been excellent to work with as we did our best to ensure we had adequate pool space this summer.

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