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Kigoos Updates for July 10th

July 11th, 2016 | Posted by kigooswm in Notifier
It is a busy week and a number of items that require your attention.
1)  With many returning late from Salt Spring tonight – there is no Senior Red practice on Monday morning.
2)  Meet Sign-Ups:  It is the last call for the Crescent Beach JD Meet on July 20th and the White Rock Meet on July 23-24.  All the meet packages are posted with the details.  HERE IS THE LINK
3)  Our JD Meet is Wednesday and we need a huge turnout of parents to help out.  We still have a number of volunteer spots that need to be filled – particularly we need help in the Office and with Stroke and Turn.  HERE is the link.  Please note – with the JD Meet on Wednesday, there are no PM practices on Wednesday.  We need everyone to come out and help with our Meet.
4)  Movie Day is this Thursday!  We are going to watch The Secret Life of Pets at 12:30 at SilverCity.  All swimmers should be dropped off by 12:00 and can be picked up at 2:15.  Swimmers will sign-in and out with their coaches.  The sign-up form will be emailed tomorrow.
5)  The Grouse Grind is on Tuesday, July 19 at 10 am at Grouse Mountain.
Swimmers are to meet at the foot of the Grouse Grind at 10 am sharp for a 10:15 am departure. The hike generally takes the swimmers as little as 40 minutes to as long as 1.5 hours to complete. Swimmers can sign out with their parent as soon as they cross the finish line.
First time Grouse Grinders, please note that this is a very difficult hike.  All Junior and JD participants must have a parent supervisor with them on the hike.   Please send your child up with a large bottle of water in a light backpack that is easy for them to carry without use of their hands. It is also advised to bring a granola bar or other snack that is light to carry for when you finish.
All swimmers must pre-register HERE and include a parent / guardian name and contact cell number.
We will have a sign-in at the base when we meet, and a sign-out at the top when you are finished. Everyone must sign-out with a coach before you go explore/eat or take the gondola ride down to meet your ride home.
Important: everyone must take the Gondola ride down the mountain – it is $10 to buy a ticket for the Gondola ride down.
Please respect the drop-off/pick-up guidelines. The coaches are not responsible for the transportation or the care of your children after they are done the hike.  Any questions or concerns regarding this request should be sent to Coach Emmy

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