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Senior White Update from Coach Michael

June 13th, 2017 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner

Hello Sr. Whites and other Kigoo members,

The first two weekends of meets were more than fun to watch. Everyone showed great racing passion, grit, and determination. WAY TO GO EVERYONE!

As passionate as we are as a competitive swim club it is important to note that it is only the beginning of the season. As we all want to get best times in every race, which is a great attitude to have, we must not forget to TRUST THE PROCESS. It is important that we learn crucial lessons at the beginning of the season so we don’t make little mistakes, that will really impact us, when it really counts at Regionals and Provincials.

Furthermore, learning how to have fun with racing. This will ultimately translate into best time performance. If your coaches are not worried you shouldn’t be either. This does not mean slowing down your competitive drive to work and race hard; just a reminder to stick with the process and then great things will come.

Another note, is that the Kigoos prides its self on being a very community based club. Meaning we look out for each other and help encourage each other. We all share the common values of leadership, inclusivity and acceptance. Especially for our older members, who are the leaders of the club. So that they can pass down their knowledge, and encourage younger members of our club to strive to these values. So that we can develop leaders not only in the Kigoos Swim Club, but the community as a whole.

I hope everyone keeps up the hard work and keeps striving for the best they can be!

Looking forward for more meets and practices to come.


Mike J-S

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