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Intermediate and Senior Red Updates from Coach Emmy

June 23rd, 2017 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner

Hi Kigoos!

I can’t believe how fast the season is flying by! The intermediate and senior reds have now moved on from their technique phase and are into their aerobic buildup phase. During this phase, distances will slowly start to increase and pace times will begin to slowly decrease. We have started experimenting with threshold sets (meaning the fastest swimming held consistently over an extended period of time) as this will help generate faster swimming for longer periods of time. I am proud of the work that the swimmers have put in over the last two weeks. It has been fun to see the swimmers learn to swim fast in practice and to see their fitness start to increase as well!

Though we may not spend as much time doing technique as we did earlier in the season, technique will still be emphasized and the swimmers are expected to apply the technical changes they made in the first training cycle. I would like to remind everyone that changes take time, so modifications to technique should be practiced all the time until they start to feel natural.

Some of the main technical areas we will continue to focus on for each stroke include:

Free: Applying pressure against the water and pulling with elbows high.

Back: Leading with the shoulder and pulling with a bent elbow catch.

Breast: Lunging forwards with fast arms on the recovery.

Fly: Pressing the chest down on the entry and ensuring the hips are rising.

Tuesday and Thursday mornings are generally more technique focused, so I encourage swimmers to attend as many mornings as they can. Now that school is wrapping up, I hope to see afternoon attendance pick up as well!

I am looking forward to Super 7 this weekend! I have to leave the meet on Saturday at 1pm, so intermediates please talk to Jacob and seniors please talk to Michael…but of course we can talk before I leave too.

Finally, congratulations to the last intermediate red swimmers of the week:

Week six: Reya L

Week seven: Madeleine F

Looking forward to this weekend!


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