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Intermediate and Senior Red Update from Coach Emmy

July 9th, 2017 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner

Hi Kigoos!

Great job at the Hootenanny this weekend! The coaches saw a lot of fast swimming and I am so proud of all the intermediate and senior red swimmers, as well as the club as a whole. Great work Kigoos!

The intermediate and senior red’s have been slowly building their intensity over the past several weeks and I am impressed with how they have been adapting to the challenge. I have also been pleased to hear more positive comments regarding challenging sets at practice, and I am excited to see this positive thinking transpire at meets as well!  I have asked the intermediates to start practicing their visualization by imagining their upcoming races before falling asleep each night and we are going to start doing some visualization as a group in the upcoming weeks. Although it is often overlooked, positive thinking is necessary for fast swimming. Here is an article outlining some key aspects of positive thinking, which we will be discussing at practice. As hell week approaches, practices will begin to get more challenging and it is essential that the swimmers are mentally tough in order to be able to train at the best of their ability.

My plan for the upcoming week is to split each practice into about 60% technique focus with one main stroke each day, and 40% main set working on intensity/endurance to prepare for hell week. I encourage everyone to attend as many practices as possible as I hope to offer some fine-tuning and run through the main technical areas of each stroke. During hell week, the practices will be fast paced and intense and while technical feedback will still be offered, it will not be the main focus. I hope we can get a lot done this week in anticipation for an intense (but fun) two weeks ahead! For planning purposes here is my tentative schedule for the week:

MON: free technique

TUES AM: free review, breast technique

TUES PM: breast review, fly technique

WED: practices cancelled for JD meet

THURS AM: fly review, back technique

THURS PM: back review, all/whichever needs more attention

FRI PM: best stroke

Looking forward to a great week! More on hell week soon…


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