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Junior White Update from Coach Tamara

July 17th, 2017 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner

Hey Junior Whites!

We have been having a great turn out to our afternoon practices and weekend meets. You’ve all been taking off lots of time and placing well. I would like you all to remember to bring running shoes and water to practice.


Hell Week….

Welcome to Hell Week in these next two weeks you will pushed to your limits, you’ve been warned. Our theme this year will be survivor and at the end you will be getting a scoops. With hard practices also comes some fun and challenging individual or group challenges. If you are  going to miss a practice please let me know.

On Monday and Wednesday afternoons if you could arrive 15 mins (4:30) before practice that would be great. We will have different challenges during this time.

Basic Rules

–       Every practice is all or nothing

–       Come to practice on time

–       Bring runners and water


Points/immunity – points will be used for scoops

–    Individual points

o   Each afternoon is worth one point

o   Each morning practice is two points

–       Triathlon and Grouse Grind (not mandatory)

o   The first male and female to finish the Grind or Triathlon will get two points

o   Everyone else that does these events gets a point

–       Individual challenges (date will not be told)

o   One person or more can win immunity

o   You can redeem this immunity any time in the two weeks. This will allow you to excused from part of or a whole set.

o   Individual immunity can only used once

–       Group challenges (group assignment Monday afternoon)

o   Members of the first team to finish get two points each

o   Members of the second team to finish get one point each

o   Members of the last team to finish get no points

o   Cheating is not accepted and will end in receiving no points of restarting.

See you at the pool!

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