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Week 2 Update from Head Coach Emmy

May 7th, 2018 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner

Hi Kigoos!

Congratulations on a great first week everyone! It was great to see so many new and familiar faces around the pool and the swimmers working hard and having fun!

Last week Intermediate Red began the season by reviewing the basics of streamlining, flutter kicking and freestyle body position. Some of our focuses on these areas included:

Streamlines: holding the arms tight behind the head.  This elongates the shoulders forward and creates a ‘super streamline’ by bringing the arms together and fusing them to the back of the head.

Kicking: Keeping the legs as straight as possible, beginning the kick with the hips to activate the large muscles and relaxing the ankles to generate power and propulsion. We talked a lot about kicking in both directions more specifically focusing on the upward kick, which is generally much weaker than the downward kick. We will continue to work on flutter kick all season, as I believe fast kick frequently leads to fast swimming!

We also spent the last half of the week focusing on a high elbow catch in freestyle. Dropping the elbow in swimming is one of the most common mistakes made. This means that after entering the water and extending forward, the swimmer drops the elbow down and pulls back with the elbow first, slipping through the water and limiting the amount of water the swimmer will hold. What they should do instead is angle the fingers towards the bottom of the pool and pull back in a straight line, with the elbow up and the lat muscles engaged. We focused on the importance of feeling pressure against the water during the pull phase to create propulsion and a strong pull. Here is a video outlining some tips for a strong catch.

This week we will be focusing on backstroke body position and pull. I encourage the swimmers to continue to swim thoughtfully, thinking about each movement they make in the water.

Finally, I would like to congratulate Intermediate Red’s first swimmer of the week, Ashleigh W! Ashleigh listens to feedback carefully and immediately applies it to her swimming, which has resulted in some big improvements. She quietly works hard and attended almost every practice this week. Way to go Ashleigh!

See you at the pool!




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