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Update from Head Coach Emmy

June 4th, 2018 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner

Hi Kigoos,

Great job at the Ice Breaker and a big thank so everyone who helped make our meet such a success! I am so proud of our team; it was great it see so much Kigoos team spirit, sportsmanship and fun!

The Intermediate Red swimmers had a great meet! We have been focusing a lot on technique and it was awesome to see the swimmers apply what we have been working on in the last five weeks to their races. While technique was the main focus it was exciting to see so many best times! I am looking forward to watching their improved technique translate into fast swimming as the season progresses.

Last week, the Intermediate Red’s work on butterfly body position. We learned how to make fly faster and easier (a great combo!) by practicing pressing down with the chest and fully extending the arms to lift the hips up. This week, our main focus is on butterfly breathing. We will focus on keeping the head low to the water when breathing, by tilting the chin forwards and keeping it at the surface of the water. The breath has to occur quickly for correct butterfly timing, so once the head clears the water for a breath, it should continue to move back down to not disrupt the stroke. Here, is a video discussing butterfly breathing. It first shows a bad example as the swimmer elevates him self to breath by lifting his shoulders up, next he demonstrates proper fly breathing by tilting his head forward and keeping it low to the water.

There were a lot of impressive results and attitudes amongst the Intermediate Red swimmers this weekend which made choosing one swimmer of the week a difficult task! However, Isabella M has been working hard for the past five weeks and it paid off as she took 40 seconds off her races this weekend! Isabella shows leadership in practice by always staying on task and helping those around her understand the set and stay on the pace times. I am impressed with her attitude as well as how she has taken ownership for her own swimming as she almost stays behind after practice to ask what she can do to improve. Way to go Isabella!

A reminder about relays:

Relays are meant to be a fun part of swim meets, but they become extremely stressful for the coaches when swimmers leave the meet early without checking in. We had to scratch over 5 teams this weekend due to swimmers leaving early. Any relays listed in the heat sheet are NOT official so please check in with your coach and always check the relay sheet at the coaches’ desk! The relays are put together in advance so please always contact me in before the meet if your child is unable to participate.

See you at the pool!


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