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Senior White Update from Coach Alexis

June 12th, 2018 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner

Hello Senior Whites!

Awesome job at the Boundary Bay meet this weekend! Everyone swam super hard and tried their best to focus on the things that we have been working on in the previous weeks. Even though technique and the ‘little things’ were our main focus, it was amazing to see everyone break personal bests and push themselves with their speed and stroke rate.
In the coming weeks, we will be focussed primarily on two things:
1) making our breakouts more smooth and powerful — the transition from underwater to on top of the water as the main focus for this so we can maintain our speed from the push off and underwater dolphin kicks
2) stamina/endurance: our practices will be starting to include longer sets where you will have to push yourself to maintain the good technique that you work on so thoughtfully in the shorter sets
Now that school is wrapping up I’m hoping to see more of you at practices, particularly morning practices because those who have been coming to the morning practices have been able to choose specific things that they want to work on for the last 10 minutes to get in depth feedback on their strokes. I really hope to see more people at the pool so we can all build up our endurance and be ready to swim the 200 free fast at Super Seven.
Swimmer of the Week
This new swimmer has improved tremendously in the past 5 weeks and even completed his first ever 200IM with all the proper turns and no DQ which rarely ever happens on the first IM since there is so much to think about for new swimmers! Although he can be goofy at times and miss some pace-times, he is always ready to learn and implement feedback to his strokes so he can improve. Congratulations Davit S! Keep up the hard work in practice and more best times will come throughout the season!
Great job everyone and let’s keep up the hard work for the rest of the season,
Coach Alexis

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