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Head Coach Update from Coach Emmy

June 21st, 2018 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner

Hi Kigoos!

I was very impressed with the level of team spirit and sportsmanship displayed by all the Kigoos who attended the Poco meet last weekend! I hope everyone is excited for the Super 7 this weekend. With over 150 Kigoos signed up, it should be a great weekend of racing!

The Intermediate Red’s have spent a lot of time working on butterfly and I am so happy with the improvements the group has made! Our goal was so learn how to stay relaxed when swimming butterfly. We spent one week working on the chest press to elevate the hips, one week working on butterfly breathing (keeping the chin low and breathing quickly) and finally, we practiced pulling with the elbows high. I have seen many improvements in both technique and attitude surrounding butterfly! One of my favourite moments last week was hearing one the the intermediate swimmers say to their lane mates, “butterfly is actually really fun once you learn how to relax.” I hope to see these improvements continue as the season progresses.

This week we have been focusing on breaststroke kick. We are practicing lifting the heels and pulling the legs back behind the body to create a narrow and efficient kick. While the kick is important in all four strokes, whip kick accounts for nearly 80% of the propulsion in breaststroke, making a strong kick essential for fast breaststroke. A strong breaststroke kicker is one who can pull their legs back and keep their knees at or inside their hips. This is important to reduce drag, but also to allow the kick to be initiated with the forward lunge of the upper body. When a swimmer lacks hip flexibility, they kick with their knees too wide which limits their ability to initiate the kick fast enough to maximize propulsion. In order for breaststroke to be most efficient, the kick should be initiated prior to the shoulders entering the water, with the knees in and the feet flexed. I encourage the swimmers to always work on their flexibility and practice pulling their legs quickly behind them in breaststroke kick for faster swimming.

Finally, congratulations to last week’s swimmers of the week, Madeleine F! Maddy has shown improvements in her training, and has impressed me with her attitude and effort during longer sets. She is always encouraging to everyone around her, demonstrating great sportsmanship. Maddy showed perseverance at the Poco meet and posted a significant best time in her 50 free to win the event. Great job Maddy!

Looking forward to a great weekend!

See you at the pool,



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