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Intermediate Red Update from Emmy

June 26th, 2018 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner

Hi Kigoos,

It’s hard to believe we are already at this seasons halfway point!

Great job at Super 7 everyone! I’m so happy with the performance from the Intermediate Red’s. The hard work they have been putting in, especially over the last two weeks, is clearly paying off! I was happy to see so much positivity from the swimmers who participated in longer races, as well as positive self talk from the group overall. We have been talking about seeing the connection between hard work and improvement, as well as concentrating on the present moment before racing, not focusing on the past or future. I hope to see these practices continue!

This week we are going to continue our work on breaststroke. Last week we focused on bringing the legs back to create a narrow kick and I saw many improvements in kick size. This week, we will build on this skill by working on the speed of the kick. To maximize the most power in breaststroke, the swimmer must kick their legs down and together quickly while their shoulders lunge forward in the water. In order to achieve the correct timing and maximize this motion, the swimmer must quickly bring their legs behind them to kick before the shoulders enter. This requires a very fast kick with the feet flexed outwards to generate propulsion. Rebecca Soni has mastered the quick narrow breaststroke kick- watch how she does it here.

This week, we will also be working on backstroke starts. To set up for a strong backstroke start, the swimmer must position their feet about hip width apart, with the toes just underneath the water. Next, they pull themselves straight up with their head in a neutral position and the chin up. Once elevated, the swimmer throws their arms and head back, with their back arched in an attempt to avoid contact with the water until the hands enter. From here the swimmer straightens their back, enters a tight streamline and prepares for fast underwater dolphin kick. Here is a video demonstrating a slow motion backstroke start.

Finally, congratulations to Alex Y for being our week eight swimmer of the week! Alex is one of the most consistent workers in the group. She arrives at practice everyday ready to work hard, take feedback very seriously, and be a leader and friend to all other members of the group. Alex had a very successful meet on the weekend, achieving a new PQT and posting an impressive 100 fly time of 1:20 (only 4 seconds off the div. 5 PQT which she is still three years away from.) Way to go Alex!

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