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Senior White Update from Coach Alexis

June 28th, 2018 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner
Hi Senior Whites!

Amazing job at both POCO (for the few of you who went) and at the Super Seven this weekend especially. Everyone swam their hardest and did their best to think about the technique that we have been working on so meticulously since the start of the season. From here on out, as you have noticed Senior White swimmers, the practices will be getting harder and require you to stay focussed for longer with test sets put in sporadically throughout the week and regular main sets increasing in length and volume. A goal for the rest of the season is to be able to maintain your solid foundation of technique and powerful strokes even when tired at the end of a long race. Once we all build up our endurance a little more, which has already skyrocketed since May, we will be flying through the water.
This week we have been mainly focussing on kick and making sure that we are getting as much power as we can by using the full up and down motions for dolphin and flutter kick, and keeping our kicks narrow to reduce drag and make them more powerful in breaststroke. There have also been some pretty difficult test sets but you have all been doing so well and maintaining great times during best average 50s or 100s so keep up the amazing work in the coming weeks!!
The last two weeks there have been more and more people coming out to practice which is awesome to see, but two swimmers shined due to their high attendance and their willingness to implement feedback and constantly try their best. Our first swimmer of the week is Sophia N! Sophia seems to be always at the pool, only missing one practice in the week and working super hard every time she is in the water. Her stroke, as well as her times, have improved immensely this year due to her constant vigilance about technique in the water and I am so impressed with her so far keep up the amazing work Sophia!
The second swimmer of the week immediately started coming to as many practices as she could now that school is over, also only missing one practice. Even though she has an injury, she still tries her best at all times and does pull even for the hard sets that would be much easier with kick. Congratulations Aisha H!! Her hard work is clearly paying off at swim meets because Aisha came out of Super Seven with best times in almost all of her races. Keep up the awesome work Aisha!
That’s all for now and I’ll see you on the pool deck,
Coach Alexis

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