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JD Blue Update from Coach Vincent

May 6th, 2019 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner

Hey JD Blues!

My name is Vincent and I am super excited to be back coaching another summer! It’s so great to see so many familiar faces and I can’t wait to meet any families who are new to the club! Just a little bit about me, I have been swimming with the Kigoos for 13 years and I am very excited to be able to give back to the club and share my knowledge with the kids. Having once been a JD myself, I know how scary it can be for younger swimmers, especially if they are new to the sport, so my goal for this summer is to create a welcoming and positive learning environment so that the kids will have fun and will want to keep swimming.

For the first week, we really focused on nailing the basics of swimming—push offs, streamlines, and flutter kick. It’s very important that we build a solid foundation so that when they move on to higher groups, they remember these basic skills and become faster and stronger swimmers. 

I understand that since school is still in session, it may be difficult to show up to every practice, but do your best to show up to as many practices as you can, ready to learn and work hard. We learn something new every practice so make sure to come whenever you can! If you have any questions for me, feel free to email me at or drop by the office and speak to me in person. Again, I’m super excited to be coaching the JD Blues and I already know this summer is gonna be amazing! 

Coach Vincent

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