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Junior Red Update from Coach Kaylyn

May 6th, 2019 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner

Hi Junior Red,

It’s been great to meet almost all of you these first couple practices.

This week we were able to discuss our goals for the season and start to build a hard working attitude in practice. I was very happy to see all the excitement you guys had coming to practice and ability to act on my corrections and feedback. We refreshed our learning on how to use a pace clock, follow a timed set and some of the abbreviations/language I use for understanding our practices. You will all continue to learn some different drills to correct skills throughout this season.

We focused on building back some endurance that we lost over the winter. And started to correct our positions on the walls using tight streamlines and powerful push offs with underwater kick. We are going to continue this week with this same main focus, as push offs are the foundation for breakouts.

For the month of May we will focus on:

-Breaking bad habits from time off (head position/breathing/legs)

-Work to get back into shape and build fitness, holding the water powerfully not rushed

-Goal setting, getting to know new swimmers

-How to train properly, lots of feedback

-Start distance per stroke learning


Week 1 (1-4) Streamlines and Endurance, 80% swim, 20% kick

Week 2 (5-11) Streamlines and Endurance, 80% swim, 20% kick

Week 3 (12-18) Breakouts and Race pace, 70% swim, 30% kick

Week 4 (19-25) Turns and Endurance, 95% swim, 5% kick

Week 5 (26-31) Finishes/Starts and Cardio *Mock Meet


If you have any questions/concerns about my seasons plan, I am happy to share! (I may make changes to this plan as I see what skills need further development.)

I encourage you to come to as many practices as possible (if you need to come late or leave early because of another commitment that’s okay with me.) Please make sure to have a snack and go to the washroom before practice and bring a water bottle on deck with you, don’t forget your caps!

If you have any questions or concerns throughout the season it is best to contact me at or before/after practice at the pool.

Coach Kaylyn


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