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Senior Red Update from Coach Alexis

May 12th, 2019 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner
Hello Senior Reds!
These past two weeks have flown by! You have been really focussed in the water on your technique, really thinking about the main elements of freestyle.
Body Position and Streamline
We have been working on maintaining a proper body position with many of our drills (Superman Kick, 3 Second Catch-up, etc) to work on relaxing our heads to look at the bottom of the pool, and having our arms in the right position to start the freestyle catch. Rolling flutter and dolphin kick have helped us hold our streamline through the rotation off the wall, and maintain a strong body position by holding our core tight throughout the turn.
Flutter Kick and Dolphin Kick

We have been working on kicking in both directions in both our flutter kick and dolphin kick and making sure we can feel the water with the down kick and the up kick. The first video shows the form, tempo, and transition for flutter kick (watch for the muscle groups that are activated in the kick), and the second video shows the technique for dolphin kick (watch the swimmer in the blue speedo for his great down kick).

We have been working on our push offs, starting on our back in a tight streamline behind the head then rotating onto our front for the fastest possible push off. In every stroke, the fastest way to get off the wall is to push off on your back then rotate as you are moving from the strong push – we will be moving into touch turns in this coming week while continuing to practice flip-turns and push offs.
Entry –> Extension –> Catch

When we enter the water our finger tips should be slightly angled down and enter first above your head in the superman position, we have been working on extending our arm out in front of us level with our armpits and starting the catch high with an elbow bend ensuring that our elbows don’t drop so we keep as much power as possible. In this video, watch how his elbows are always higher than his hands and how he pulls straight back along his body, not dropping too low into the higher pressure water beneath him.
This coming week, we will continue to work on our dolphin kick and move into butterfly technique progressions. We will also be working on our endurance with some longer freestyle sets. Then we will look at the start of backstroke and dives near the end of the week now that Icebreaker is approaching quickly! Although attendance was a little low this week, I know that you all have extra-curricular activities and school that are keeping you super busy so just try to come to as many practices as you can (secret word: taradiddle)! Awesome work this week and be ready to start next week with the same level of focus.
See you on the pool deck,
Coach Alexis

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