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Junior White Update from Coach Kaylyn

May 14th, 2019 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner

Hi Junior Reds!

We are now into our week 3 of training this month where are main focus is Breakouts, Streamlines and Race Pace. This means we are going to increase our kick this week to 70% swim, 30% kick.  We still need to focus on our streamlines as I am still having to remind you guys to push off the wall properly, hopefully we can move past this skill by the end of the week J

This is our first week focusing on Breakouts – Using a streamline as the stepping-stone with our dolphin kick into the flutter kick transition.

It is also our first week incorporating Race Pace– Short and fast sets with medium amount of rest, Using drill as our main source for cool downs, smaller emphasis on technical/skill work as we are working on developing that “top speed.”

I would like to encourage you all to continue working hard and thinking about your individual corrections. For our group as a whole our underwater kick and push offs can use some work, (remember to not turn on the wall before you push off.) If you push yourself to fix these bad habits now it will feel automatic in the later parts of the season and through out your races.

**Please remember to have a snack before practice and use the washroom before we get in the water. Bring your water bottles on deck and caps if you have long hair. Our afternoon practices have been quite busy so if you are able to come to morning practice that would be great to get some extra quality attention on your swimming as there are roughly about 3 swimmers who attend, It is okay if you have come/leave early to fit your schedules. Keep your personal goals in mind and let me know at anytime if you would like to look at them or make any changes. We will refer back to them shortly in the coming weeks to make sure were on track.

Coach Kaylyn

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