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Junior Red Update from Coach Kaylyn

June 3rd, 2019 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner

Hey Junior Reds,

It was so awesome to see you all race at icebreaker this weekend; there were lots of huge best times! For the most part we did a great job of focusing on our streamline push offs and still head positions (we will continue to tweak this skill going into next week so that it is a good habit we don’t have to think about anymore.)  Below is the outline of our season’s plan for June:



-Are we meeting our season’s goals, do they need to be adjusted?

-Race season has started- gain confidence/strategize

-Continue to develop good habits, powerful pull holding the water

-Develop technique on the walls (turns/push offs /underwater kick/ pullouts/ starts)

-Refine head and body positions

Week 6 (2-8) Breakouts and Cardio *Icebreaker

Week 7 (9-15) Turns and Race Pace * B4

Week 8 (16-22) Breakouts and Cardio *Super 7

Week 9 (23-29) Finishes/Starts and Race Pace

See you at practice!

Coach Kaylyn

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