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Club and Intermediate Red Update from Coach Emmy

June 27th, 2019 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner

Hi Kigoos!

I can’t believe we have now reached the halfway point in the season.  With only four full weeks of training left before regionals, I hope to see all swimmers training often, training hard, and training with a purpose! Regionals and provincials will be here before we know it, and I encourage the swimmers to do everything possible to guide themselves towards success. 

I was impressed with the performance of the Intermediate Red swimmers at Super 7 and I was excited to see so many swimmers challenging themselves and participating in events outside of their usual schedules with excitement! I was happy to hear so many positive comments from the swimmer’s as positive thinking is something I encourage all swimmers to practice (and something that we practice as a group every Friday evening.) It was also exciting to see so many best times! I hope to see these practices continue throughout the second half of the season.

Over the last two weeks the intermediate red swimmers have focused primarily on these areas for each stroke:

-Butterfly: staying relaxed by pressing the chest down and entering the arms softly and with control

-Backstroke: rotating the hips and bending the elbow for a stronger, more efficient catch

-Breaststroke: bringing the legs back quickly, and keeping the knees relatively stagnant as the feet turn out and kick down and together

-Freestyle: applying pressure to the hand and forearm to achieve an efficient and strong catch position with the fingers angled down and the elbow up

Finally, congratulations of the two previous swimmers of the week: Alex Y and Fern B. Alex is a leader, and supporter to everyone in the group. She consistently works both hard and smart; pushing herself to her limits every practice, while swimming with  awareness of her body and the efficiency of her technique. Alex is often the first swimmer to arrive and the last to leave, helping to set up and take down the pool. For these reasons she is both a fierce competitor and role model to her peers. Fern has the best attendance in the group, which is apparent as she often has the best underwaters in the pool! Fern has shown considerable improvements in her technique and demonstrates an understanding of what it takes to improve. Fern’s excellent attendance, and attitude have paid off as she has posted some impressive results, and is currently ranked number one in BC in her age group for 100 IM. Way to go girls!

I hope to see many Kigoos at the movie day and Canada Day parade this weekend!

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