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Intermediate Red and Club Update from Coach Emmy

July 9th, 2019 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner

Hi Kigoos!

Great job at the Hootenanny! It was exciting to see so many Kigoos in the finals and on the podium at the second biggest meet of the year.

Here is a reminder around relays:  Relays are intended to be a fun, team building experience for swimmers of all groups. The coaches work very hard, often spending hours in advance of the meet building the relays in an attempt to give everyone an opportunity to participate. The relays cards are submitted before the meet begins, and once they are handed in they cannot be edited. If you wish to have your child not participate in a relay, this needs to be indicated in the comment section of the meet sign up and communicated to the coaches in advance of the meet. Thanks everyone for your cooperation in keeping the relays fun for everyone!

This week, the Intermediate Red swimmers will be training hard while polishing our technique and race tactics in preparation for Hell Week which begins on Monday. Our main technique focus of the week will be on underwaters and we will work on utilizing the dolphin kick we have been practicing everyday. The fastest swimmers almost always have the longest underwaters, as fast dolphin kick is generally faster than swimming, so we will work on the rate and duration of our dolphin kick off the wall as the focal point of our training this week. Here you can watch how Michael Phelps blows everyone out of the water with his underwaters, winning the race by over a full body length and smashing the world record. With only four weeks left until Regionals, I hope to see the pool full during the Intermediate Red practices. The season is flying by and every practice counts. The best way for the swimmers to swim fast and reach their goals at the end of the season, is attending practice every day.

Finally, congratulations to the most recent swimmers of the week, Yasmine and Maddy. Yasmine has one of the best attendance in the group and trains smart and very hard everyday. Yasmine constantly challenges herself in practice by choosing difficult intervals, pushing herself through injury and always striving to meet the goals of the set. She asks smart questions and works on applying feedback immediately, and these habits have paid off as she recently took 2 full seconds off her 50 freestyle time in addition to improvements in other strokes.  Maddy has recently shown improvements in her training. She attends practices often and takes ownership for her own improvement by demonstrating an understanding between hard work and results. She thinks critically about the movements she makes in the water, often asking questions to better understand technique and aid in her development.  She has been working hard on her breaststroke and took almost 5 seconds off this weekend. Way to go girls!

Looking forward to a fun weekend in Surrey.

See you at the pool!


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