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Junior Red Update from Coach Kaylyn

July 9th, 2019 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner

Hey Junior Reds!

Hey Junior Reds!

Great swims at Hootenanny this weekend, lots of best times and technique improvements.  This is our final week of practice before we head into Hell Week followed by IM Tough Week. It is important to come to practice this week so that we are in good shape to be able to swim hard. (We have had very low attendance lately for morning practice…I know it’s early but please try to come out)

Our main focus this week is High Intensity/ Race Strategy which means being able to hold that top speed through out a race using breathe control, strong kick through out and not losing the water in our catch. It is easy to let our technique fly out the window when we get tired so we must practice good technique and push through when we get tired. Please listen carefully during practice and work hard on your technique corrections as we are approaching Regionals very soon!

Excited to see you guys race at the Surrey meet this weekend!

Coach Kaylyn

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