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Senior Red Update from Coach Alexis

July 28th, 2019 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner

Hello Senior Reds!

First of all, this will be a long post but the information is important! I want to congratulate you on the strong swims this weekend. Even though half of us are injured in some way or another and everyone is sore from our journey to Hogwarts, you all persevered and swam hard. I know that some parents were confused with the tactics this weekend but since everyone was so exhausted from the Hell Weeks, the swimmers could swim long and strong, or choose a different race pattern to test out, in the prelim if it was a guaranteed final. Obviously, this won’t be the case at Regionals where we will put 100%and use our strongest race pattern during every race! 

I want to congratulate the Hell Week Club Prize winners for their full attendance during the first week at Hogwarts:

Lucas Ashley Quinn Caroline Elizabeth K

Nikol Nick P Brian Tia Nick 

I also want to congratulate the Hell Week “Potter’s Pizza Party” winners for their full attendance (with the exception of one battle) during the second week at Hogwarts: 

Lucas Ashley Will Quinn Daniel Tia

Olivia Nick K Nikol Nick P Brian

Congratulations to Hufflepuff for winning the House Cup and the Quidditch Cup! Quidditch seemed very fun you all so I am glad, even though it was aggressive at times everyone… let’s just be grateful the posts lasted the two weeks. It was a close battle with Gryffindor only 1 House Point behind and Ravenclaw and Slytherin within 58 points! I’m so proud of how hard everyone worked. 

The party will take place at my house (the swimmers have the address – also SW: “Bellatrix”) on Thursday, August 1st from 12:00-3:00. Pizza will be provided for the winners but any other Wizards who would like to join can come for $5 for pizza! It will be a magical time. 

Also, Beach Day is on Tuesday at Centennial Beach from 11:30-3:00 on the beach from the first parking lot/playground. Pack lunch if you don’t want to buy it, wear sunscreen, and bring lots of water! I will be bringing some skimboards, volleyball, frisbees, and soccer ball for anyone’s use. 

Seniors here is the practice plan for the week – come to as many as possible:

  • MAm: 5:00 OYO – quick 15:00 progression/stroke
  • MPm: 400w/u – 20:00 progression/stoke; choose top 2 then ½ of 3rd 
  • TPm: 50’s descending, breakouts – relay takeovers/dives
    • Beach Day & Will’s BDay!!
  • WAm: 25’s w/u – turns & middle 50’s – 4×100 best @5
  • WPm: 330w/u – 12.5’s for breakouts/finishes – free/fly turn races – dive 25’s – 4x45s FAD
  • Th/Pasta Night: 400w/u – 4xspeedplay/stroke – turn races – 2×50 FAD or 1×100 FAD
    • This is MANDATORY as it is a social event – let me know by Wednesday with a legitimate reason why you can not attend
    • also Potter’s Pizza Party!
  • FAm (645-8): Depends on attendees

I am so proud of you all and I know that Regionals is going to be amazing based on all of your performance in these last few weeks. Thanks for making this an awesome summer (with more to come!). 

See you on the pool deck,

Coach Alexis

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