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Coach Leo and the Week Ahead for Intermediate B’s

June 16th, 2014 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on Coach Leo and the Week Ahead for Intermediate B’s)

Hi Intermediate B’s,

It was a busy weekend competing at the B4 swim meet. Those of you who are new to Kigoos are now getting used to waking up early for warm-ups, waiting for your events at marshalling, and coming to see me before and after races. As mentioned in my previous blog post, racing is not only insightful to coaches but also to all members of the swim club. Athletes apply what they’ve practiced into races and know exactly when they get tired. I observe and mark down the skills that were lacking in the races and practice them with you during the week so you can perform better at the next meet. Parents are able to see your results and races. So take the opportunity to attend as many swim meets as possible because the more you race, the more experience you will gain as an athlete. I will also obtain more data to best focus our training for you individually and as a group. 

Boundary Bay Swimmer of the Meet
Most outstanding performance: Aisha H & Apaar S
Most improved (time): Rachel C & Timothy C
Most improved (technique): Lily Z 

Congratulations to:
• Aisha won the 50 breast B Event and Apaar placed 3rd and 5th in 50 free and 50 fly B Events respectively. 
• Rachel took off a total of 28.16 seconds and Timothy took off a total of 24.46 seconds. 
• Lily is quickly improving with her butterfly. She maintained her breathing pattern for the first 25 of her 50m fly race which resulted in taking off 10 seconds.

Great effort to everyone who attended this weekend. Our races have only just begun so keep on putting in your effort in practice and in races!  

Our theme of this week will be the W.U.B (Walls, Underwater, Breakout). One of the reasons why we raced poorly in backstroke was because we were unable to kick off the wall with maximum power, unable to do 4-5 underwater dolphin kick inconsistently, and unable to hold our breath for our breakout in our 100m free. Remember that we want to maintain our momentum and all these 3 skills help to do exactly just that. 

We will be using fins this week, please bring your own fins if you have them. If not, please bring a pair of extra socks to use with the Club Fins because they are very old. See you this week! – Coach Leo 

Important Announcements:
• Port Moody Sign-up deadline TODAY (June 16) 
• Bring Runners and Water Bottle to all practices 
• Swimmer of the Week Details will be given on Friday (June 20)

Kigoos Welcome a New Partner

June 13th, 2014 | Posted by kigooswm in Recognition / Sponsorship - (Comments Off on Kigoos Welcome a New Partner)

The Kigoos are pleased to welcome  Empower Physiotherapy as a new partner.

#105-3800 Chatham Street
Richmond, BC V7E 2Z3
You can learn see all our partners and learn more about our recognition opportunities with the Richmond Kigoos here.

Kigoos Updates – June 11th

June 11th, 2014 | Posted by kigooswm in Notifier - (Comments Off on Kigoos Updates – June 11th)

1)  JD Meet Reminder – today is the final day to sign-up for the White Rock JD Meet on June 25th.  So far we only have about 14 swimmers signed up.  Click HERE to sign-up for this meet or any other upcoming meet.  

2)  Update to the Boundary Bay Meet – Please note the meet will now start at 8 AM and there will be no relays on Saturday.  There are really high numbers for the meet – so you may want to arrive early.
3)  Photo day – Final Reminder that the Kigoos Photo Day is today.  See the website for the alternate schedule.  The form is linked HERE.
4)  We will have our monthly planning meeting next Monday, June 16th at the Steveston Community Centre starting at 7:30 pm.  All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.  We will largely focus this month on debriefing the Ice Breaker and  planning for the upcoming JD Meet.  If you haven’t left you meet feedback on Ice Breaker, we would love to hear from you – HERE is the feedback link.
It is great to see we have over 100 swimmers at Boundary Bay this weekend and over 120 swimmers attending the Super 7 Meet next weekend at Watermania.

Kigoos Pub Night

June 10th, 2014 | Posted by kigooswm in Notifier - (Comments Off on Kigoos Pub Night)

Save the Date!

This year’s Annual Kigoos Pub Night Fundraiser is Thursday July 10th from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Your tickets will be distributed in a few weeks! How can you help make this a great Fundraising event for Kigoos?

Sell More Tickets – A night of fun for you,  your friends and family who would like to support Kigoos and have great chances to win some awesome prizes.  Please email me at for more tickets!

Some Great Prizes you could win  –  Canucks Team Autographed Jersey, Daniel Sedin Autographed Jersey, $450 Gift Certificate for Shock Indoor Paintball, $350 Gift Certificate for Aru Spa and much more!  We will accept cash or cheque to pay for  Silent Auction items.

Cake Auction – Awesome, yummy cakes to bid for.  Details to come on how you can donate!

50/50 draw  – How lucky are you?  Last year the big lucky winner won over $300!

We Need More Prizes – If you, or the company you work for, can donate something for our Raffle or Silent Auction, please email me at as soon as you can and I will send you a Kigoos Fundraising letter. Thanks so much!   Sonja Dong Kigoos Pub Night Coordinator

Coach Leo with Some Intermediate B Updates

June 9th, 2014 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on Coach Leo with Some Intermediate B Updates)

Great effort at the Icebreaker this past weekend! Swim meets, especially Icebreaker, are insightful because they allow me to see exactly how you perform under stress, fatigue, and excitment. As a result, I can create practice sets that target the skills we need to improve on so we can perform even better individually and as a whole. For the remainder of the season, each swim meet will be a learning experience for us. I will point out the things that slow us down in our previous races, and focus on them throughout the week. 

I will also be introducing the 3 categories of “Swimmers of the Meet”. I will put your name here on the website to recognize your performance and efforts. I hope everyone will strive towards this! 

Most outstanding performance: swimmer who ranks in the top 8, explosive swimming
Most improved (time): swimmer who takes off the most time with respect to the previous swim meet
Most improved (technique): swimmer who applies the skills and tips learned in practice into races consistently

Our focus of this week will be Turnover and Dives. These two skills were lacking during the Icebreaker. Our dive dictates how quick our initial speed will be upon entering the water and this greatly impacts our breakout and ultimately the outcome of our race (picture a well-drawn bow compared to a slack bow, which arrow will shoot faster and farther?), likewise, we must first set our diving position correctly so that we can dive off the block faster and farther.   

The Turnover, how quickly you are pulling each stroke, is equally important as it highlights the race in progress. Picture yourself holding a rope and attached to the end of it is your favorite food. The quicker you pull the rope, the quicker you reach your food. Swimming is pretty similar. The faster your turnover, the quicker you move through the water.

I will be demonstrating in the water to teach everyone the dive tomorrow evening, June 10, so I really hope you can be there. Please also come to photo day this Wednesday. We are the Intermediate B Group and I want everyone to attend. See you at the pool – Coach Leo.

Important Announcements:
• Ladner Meet Sign-up deadline TODAY (June 9)
• Attend Photo Day (June 11, revised pm schedule)

Club Photos and Provincials – Notifier Update

June 9th, 2014 | Posted by kigooswm in Notifier - (Comments Off on Club Photos and Provincials – Notifier Update)
1)  Here is the schedule for Wednesday – Photo Day (please note regular practices are cancelled):
Photo Time (please arrive by the time listed below):
JD – 4:00
Juniors – 4:30
Intermediate B – 5:00
Intermediate A – 5:30
Seniors – 5:45
The Photo Form was included with the last Notifier and is also on the website.
Also note:  there are 2 make-up sessions with True Conditioning on Wednesday – all Juniors at 5:30 and Intermediate B at 6:00 (30 minutes each).
Finally, at 7:00 on Wednesday Coach Andre will run a Water Polo Games / Skills Practice for any interested Kigoos swimmers 11 years and older.
2)  We are still 2 months away from Provincials, but if you think your child may qualify and you will be attending, you need to book a hotel room now (you can always cancel later).  Last time the Provincials were in Kamloops most hotels were sold out.  You can find all the information HERE on our website – including our special arrangement with the Sandman Inn that is being held only until this Saturday, June 14th.

Coach Julia – Junior B’s Looking Ahead

June 9th, 2014 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on Coach Julia – Junior B’s Looking Ahead)

Way to go for those of you who attended the Ice Breaker!! We swam well and I’m proud of you guys, although we definitely have some things to work on. We learn from experience and lots of practice, so don’t get discouraged – I am confident that over time we will continue to improve our stroke and technique. For those of you who had times registered from last year, congratulations for taking 20 seconds off from some of your races! As an incentive, every second taken off a race this season will equal a jelly bean. That means that by the end of the season in August, if you have taken a total of 42 seconds off your races, then you will get a bag of 42 jelly beans.


A few things to remember when racing (and for swimming techniques in general):

• two hand touches at the walls for breastroke and butterfly ALL the time

• no flutter kick/dolphin kick in breastroke – not even one!

• do not pull past your hips when doing breastroke arms – imagine there is a wall extending from your hips that does not let your hands pass it


We will be doing a bit more work with fins this next week in order to help us practice our butterfly, and we will be focusing on turns for all strokes as well as continuing our work on dives and turns. We will also slowly be doing more faster and shorter sets to work on our speed, so please remember to bring a water bottle to practice!


Other than that the swim meet season is in full swing, so please pay attention to sign up dates and if you have any questions feel free to ask.


See you on deck for another great week of practices!

Kigoos Updates for Sunday, June 8th

June 8th, 2014 | Posted by kigooswm in Notifier - (Comments Off on Kigoos Updates for Sunday, June 8th)
Some updates for the week ahead:
1)  We want your feedback.  While it is fresh in your mind, give us feedback to help make improvements to the Ice Breaker for next year.  HERE is the survey.
2)  Tater-Tots Registration -NOW FULL – email Coach Ava at to be put on the waitlist.
3)  Club Photo Day – Club Photo Day is this Wednesday, June 11th.  A schedule will be out shortly.  The form can be downloaded HERE.
4)  Last Call Sign-up for Ladner Super 7 – this is usually one of most popular meets for Kigoos.  After the Ice Breaker and Regionals Super 7 is usually our biggest turnout.  The final chance to sign-up is now with cut-off tomorrow (Monday) night.  The other meet we need an accurate number for is Salt Spring Island (for seniors and siblings).  If you are going to Salt Spring – please sign up ASAP.  You can find all Meet Sign-Ups HERE.


Senior A Coach Andre Takes a Look at Kicking

June 6th, 2014 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on Senior A Coach Andre Takes a Look at Kicking)


There are many contentious issues in the world of swimming analysis. The truth is, there is no one perfect way to swim. As we all have different body shapes and different talents, you will find anomalies in the sport that will leave coaches scratching their heads.
Brent Hayden and Rick Say, the two greatest freestylers in Canadian history (and both BCSSA swimmers until age 17), were both “kick-challenged” when it came to kicking with the board. But both still trained kick and had “leg-days” inside their training week because they knew it was still important. The fact is, it is important within the stroke. There are no races dedicated to kicking with a kickboard.
For all intensive purposes, I leave the principles of kick to Gary Hall Sr. Below is the article I would like you all to read.
He is the owner and Head Coach of the Race Club in the Florida Keys, an elite swim team; where at one time you had to be in the top 16 in the world in the 100m to be part of the training group. He was also a three time olympic medalist in butterfly in the late 60’s/early 70’s, and his son is part of “sprint royalty” as he was either gold or silver at three olympics in the 50/100 freestyles.
On his spare time he was a Opthalmologist, so I think we can agree this guy is a pretty ambitious person.
There is also a YouTube series from Gary Hall Sr. called “Secret Tip Legs” which is fascinating as it covers all the principles of kick.
Thanks for reading! Good luck these upcoming weekends!


Coach Ian and His Golds at Ice Breaker

June 5th, 2014 | Posted by kigooswm in Coaches Corner - (Comments Off on Coach Ian and His Golds at Ice Breaker)
Icebreaker is just around the corner JD Golds!
Keep focusing on our streamlines and consistent kicking throughout the practice, they will make a big difference.  Going into the meet we are going over our turns, starts, and breakouts.

After Icebreaker, the intensity of practice is going to go up.  Which means expect lots of kick sets, drills, and race oriented practices.  Please remember to bring running shoes and gym strip for warm-ups.  Also, bring a waterbottle.

I still need the rest of you to submit your goal sheets; I have only gotten three so far.

For those of you who don’t know, the JD Coaches have started the Kigoo Buck Bank.  Every practice I will keep my eye out for a swimmer in our group who 1) displays good sportsmanship, 2) puts in their best effort, 3) listens to me when I am talking (so no bobbing underwater, pushing off the wall, splashing water in people’s faces, etc).  That swimmer will be given a Kigoo Buck which they can cash in at the office for prizes such as candy.  The bank will open on Fridays.  Save up your Kigoo Bucks to get bigger prizes!  Also, I might hold a few competitions during practice, the winner of which will receive a bonus Kigoo Buck.

See you at the pool, JDs!  Swim fast!